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Colchester Guardian received $1000 donation

by Sylene Argent

Last week, Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance donated $1,000 to Colchester Guardian Rescue Inc. to help the non-profit organization purchase safety gear for the local rescue vessel. The funds will also help cover costs associated with overall maintenance and operations.

  Jim Oakley, Unit Leader for the Colchester Guardian and D3 Director for the Canadian Cost Guard Auxiliary, said Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance has given donations to support the rescue vessel in the past, and the volunteers associated with the Colchester Guardian are always thankful for the support.

  The Colchester Guardian has been in operation since 2012, he said, and in that time, has saved 18 lives. The volunteers typically get up to a dozen emergency calls a year for areas between Colchester, Leamington, and Pelee Island. In addition, volunteers patrol during special events, such as when tall ships sail into local marinas, rubber ducky races, and fishing derbies. Those associated with the rescue vessel also offer free boat inspections, Oakley noted.

  “It shows the community needs us,” he said. “We would not be around without the donations we get from local businesses and citizens. To me, it is those who are making donations who are saving lives. Without them, we couldn’t get fuel to save these people.”

  Donations are always needed and gratefully accepted

  Before the pandemic, the Colchester Guardian was able to host its annual trivia fundraising night. Oakley said the event raised around $6,000, but the non-profit is in the process of securing around $18,000 worth of required electronics on the boat.

  Last year, he added, the Colchester Guardian trailer was broken into, and volunteers are trying to replace some of the items stolen.

  The best way to reach out to the Colchester Guardian to make a donation is by logging onto its Facebook page or its website

  “This local community has been phenomenal,” Oakley said of the donations the Colchester Guardian receives. “It is incredible. It also encourages others to donate time or money.”


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