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CTMHV fuels Harrow Food Pantry with large non-perishable donation

by   Sylene   Argent,   Local   Journalism Initiative

With   an   aim   to   give   back  to  the  community  for  its  continued  support,  the  Canadian      Transportation      Museum       &       Heritage       Village   (CTMHV)   hosted   a non-perishable food drive leading  into  the  Christmas  season.


Thanks      to      support      from  the  Museum’s  staff,  volunteers,  and  those  who  visited  to  take  a  tour  or  enjoy  a  holiday  event,  the  bed  of  an  antique  pick-up  truck was filled with items that  were  then  forwarded  to  Project  HOPE  Windsor  Essex,  which  operates  the  Harrow  Food  Pantry, just  before Christmas.

Les McDonald, Chairman  of  the  CTMHV,  noted  for  the  first  food collection      headed      into      the      Christmas      season,      those   associated   with   the   Museum     were     pleased     with  the  number  of  items  collected   for   the   Harrow   Food  Pantry.  He  hopes  to  grow   the   collection   next   year to collect even more to support local families facing economic challenges.


The     CTMHV     chose     the   Harrow   Food   Pantry   as  the  local  Museum  was  part  of  a  donation  earlier  in the fall that benefited the Essex Area Food Bank, and wanted to spread its support around the municipality.


Teri  Gorick,  one  of  the  organizers  for  the  Harrow  Food  Pantry,  was  grateful  for  the  generous  donation.  She   noted   the   month   of   December    was    a    busy    one   for   the   local   food   distribution organization.


Volunteers      for      the      Harrow       Food       Pantry       continue     to     see     new     individuals  attend  pick-up  times, in need of essentials. Gorick      estimated      35-40    individuals    –    often    representing   a   family   –   utilize   the   Harrow   Food   Pantry each week.


Gorick  would  like  the  community  to  think  about  donating   to   the   Harrow   Food   Pantry   this   spring,   when    the    donations    it    receives  around  Christmas  have     been     utilized     or     distributed.   At   that   time,   the     shelves     will     need     restocking.


The      Harrow      Food      Pantry   is   located   in   the   parking  lot  of  the  Harrow  &  Colchester  South  Arena.  Volunteers   are   onsite   to   provide  essentials  to  those  in need on weekdays, from 7pm -8pm, and on weekends, from 1pm - 2pm.


To         learn         more         about   the   Harrow   Food   Pantry,    log    onto


To   learn   more   about   the  CTMHV,  its  upcoming  events, or how to become a volunteer,  log  onto


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