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DPM sweetens CLEC’s Giving Tuesday campaign

Tony DeSantis, Manager of Community Relations and Resource Development (left), and Karen Bolger, Executive Director (right), received a $5000 cheque on behalf of Community Living Essex County from DPM Insurance Group co-owner, Cindy Barnett, as part of the annual GivingTuesday campaign.

by Sylene Argent

Community Living Essex County (CLEC) is kicking of 2019 with a sizeable donation, thanks to DPM Insurance Group and community support for its 2018 GivingTuesday fundraiser.

  Last Tuesday, Cindy Barnett, co-owner of DPM, provided a $5000 cheque to CLEC. The donation was in collaboration with GivingTuesday, a global movement for giving, volunteering, and showing support to causes that are near-and-dear to the heart. This charitable campaign annually follows Black Friday.

  Tony DeSantis, CLEC’s Manager of Community Relations and Resource Development, and Karen Bolger, CLEC’s Executive Director, were please to receive the donation on behalf of the organization that provides supports and programs to over 600 local individuals who have an intellectual disability, in addition to supporting their families.

  As part of the GivingTuesday campaign, DeSantis said, if CLEC was able to raise $5000, it had the option to obtain a corporate sponsor to match those funds, which is where DPM stepped in.

  Thanks to the generosity of the community, through the 2018 GivingTuesday campaign, CLEC was able to raise $5302. The funds were primarily raised through online donations between November 27 and December 24. Donation boxes were also set up throughout the county.

  A new addition to the campaign this year was that CLEC partnered with Vernon’s Tap & Grill in Kingsville, On the Docks in Harrow, and the McGregor Knights of Columbus. Each facility hosted a meal with proceeds going to CLEC through GivingTuesday.

  Through utilizing these partnerships with these three entities, around $1300 was raised for CLEC’s GivingTuesday fundraiser.

  When CLEC’s GivingTuesday proceeds are combined with the DPM donation, over $10,000 was raised, which will help ensure CLEC’s programs and services are available to their clients who need them.

  Bolger noted CLEC’s supports and services are funded through the provincial government, but those dollars typically do not cover the cost to expand supports the way clients need. Receiving donations helps provide those extras.

  Barnett said DPM, as a long-time partner and sponsor of CLEC, was on board as soon as the word was out the donation would help CLEC clients achieve their own goals and dreams.

  CLEC, DeSantis added, really works at achieving community partnerships, in an effort to create win-win outcomes.  


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