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EDHS athlete signs to St. Clair’s women’s basketball team

Photo submitted by St. Clair College

by Sylene Argent

All the hard work and dedication Essex District High School’s grade 12 athlete, Kim Orton, put into her sports training over the past four years has started to pay off. Last Thursday, the multi-sport athlete attended a special signing ceremony at St. Clair College’s SportsPlex, where she confirmed becoming a part of the women’s basketball team.

  The Guard is thrilled at the opportunity, and can’t wait to get out on the court with her new teammates.

  The opportunity to play for the Saints, Orton said, will be a great experience as this team has played on the national-level. “Stepping onto a high-level team will improve my experience and leadership skills,” she said.

  Orton has been in contact with one of the team’s coaches, and believes she will get to start shooting with her future teammates in June, and will begin full practices in around August.

  Throughout her high school career, Orton was a part of EDHS’s women’s volleyball, basketball, and track-and-field teams. She has also played on the U19 Tecumseh Saints basketball team for the past three years.

  “On the majority of teams I have been on, I have been a pretty big leader,” the 17-year-old said, adding she believes stepping onto a varsity teams will help her maturity level in that she will be playing with 19 and 20-year-old women.

  While at St. Clair, Orton will study in the Cardiovascular Technology program.

  Orton is a bit nervous about stepping onto the Saint’s team, but is mostly looking forward to the opportunity. “I’m excited to travel and experience a varsity-level team,” she said.  

  Orton noted she did receive a significant scholarship to play with the Saints, and also was the recipient of the Royal Arcanum Award in her grade 11 year, presented to a female athlete of the year in the region. Both opportunities will contribute to helping with the cost of her post-secondary education.

  Though Orton is ready to start the next chapter in her life, moving away from EDHS will not be easy. Over the years, she said, she has formed a bond with her coaches and it will be difficult not to work with them or her teammates every day.

  Overall, Orton hopes her experience on the varsity team will help her improve her maturity, her leadership skills, and become a great team-player. She hopes these skills will be transferrable to her future career as well. 

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