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Holy Name classmates celebrate during grade 8 graduation

Photo submitted: Holy Name Catholic Elementary School’s Class of 2018.

by Adam Gault

Holy Name Catholic Elementary School’s grade eight students gathered for an evening of sharing memories and celebration on Wednesday, June 20. Friends and family members joined the outgoing class members as they received their diplomas before embarking on their high school journey later this fall.

  Hosted at the Holy Name of Jesus Church, the graduation began with mass. The students were then awarded their diplomas, while and some of the outstanding classmates were presented awards, which was a show of congratulations on academic and personal achievements made throughout the past schoolyear.

  The graduation ceremony gave the students the opportunity to cherish the incredible bonds and experiences they’ve shared during their time at Holy Name together.

  This year’s valedictorian, Emma Dunlop, explained that despite some initial anxiety, she was proud to be selected to speak on behalf of her classmates during the time-honoured tradition.

  “I’m excited to be representing this great group of people,” Dunlop said, prior to the ceremony.

For many students, moving from middle to high school can be a trepidatious and bittersweet experience. Even with the uncertainty of starting at a new school, many look forward to the new experiences and challenges that await them.

  “I’m pretty sad to be leaving, because I have spent my last ten years [at Holy Name], but I’m excited to move on to new experiences,” Dunlop explained of the transition to high school. “Good luck to everybody, have fun. You’ve all been great. Thank you for everything.”

  Principal Brian Marenchin expressed tremendous pride at the accomplishments and academic achievements the students obtained, knowing they will continue to excel through their secondary school careers, and beyond, as they continue to progress through the world of academia.

  “This is a milestone, but it’s not the end, it’s more like the beginning, a stepping stone for their future,” Marenchin said. “These young men and women, now heading off into secondary school, and hopefully beyond that even. This is definitely a special evening.”


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