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On the campaign trail with Chris Lewis

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

by Sylene Argent

Conservative candidate for the Essex Riding, Chris Lewis, considers himself a family man and a business man, who is community-minded, evident by his past role as a decision-maker for the Town of Kingsville Council and volunteer firefighter.

  “I’m passionate about the community and leaving the world a better place than I found it,” he said of his reasons to run in this election.

  He noted the Conservative plan is one of which he is proud. “The plan we are on will make Canada an even better place,” he added.

  While Lewis has been knocking on doors in the Riding over the last several months, he said he is constantly hearing that affordability is a huge concern as residents say they are getting by but are struggling to get ahead. He said over fifty percent of families in Canada are within $200 of insolvency every month.

  “There is no money left for vacations and investments,” Lewis said. He said the Conservative Party will help by implementing a universal tax cut and create a children’s Fitness Tax Credit for families.   

  He said he has heard similar concerns from businesses, but noted the Conservative platform has a nine-point plan that was designed to help businesses get ahead and create more jobs.  

  “They are taxed to death,” Lewis said of small business owners. “As a small business owner, I know that.” Lewis said he spent 25-years as part of his family business, traveling across North America.

  An environment needs to be created here, as a border area, that attracts small, medium, and large businesses that does not drive them out. The first thing to do that is to remove things like the carbon tax, he noted. The work force also needs to be celebrated and respected.  

  Since 2015, he noted, Justin Trudeau implemented 4300 new regulations for small businesses. Conservatives, if elected, would help small businesses stick-handle through CRA taxes and regulations. Part of the Conservative platform, he added, is the two-for-one plan, which will reduce those regulations to simplify the process and cut red tape so running a business is easier.   

  Lewis ran in last year’s Provincial election, and came in second to inclement Taras Natyshak (NDP) by around 2700 votes.

  “I decided to run again because I will always believe serving the community is my number one job,” Lewis said. In wanting to leave the world a better place, he believes politics is the fastest avenue to leave a legacy for the greater good of the next generation.

  It wasn’t long ago, Lewis claimed, when the region received $1billion in investment under a Conservative MP in an around 11-year time-frame. Lewis sees himself as a representative who could fight strongly for the region and deliver those results.

  Communication is vital to Lewis. He said he is a great listener and is extremely inquisitive. He believes these traits would allow him to be a great rep for the Essex Riding.

  “I get what people in Essex want and desire and need. I have a passion to serve,” he said.


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