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Popularity of ACT Committee’s tea party created a waiting list

by Sylene Argent, Local Journalism Initiative

A handful of local dignitaries took on a new act of service on Saturday, as they took the time to support the Town of Essex's Arts, Culture, and Tourism (ACT) Committee in presenting the second Downtown Essex Tea Party.

  From inside the historic Essex Railway Station, Essex MP Chris Lewis, County of Essex Warden Hilda MacDonald, and Town of Essex Council reps Mayor Sherry Bondy, Deputy Mayor Rob Shepley, and Councillors Kim Verbeek and Katie McGuire-Blais took the time to serve tea to the 48 individuals who signed up to participate in the event.

  Tracy Armstrong, a member of the ACT committee, was very pleased with how the event turned out. 48 individuals were able to participate in the tea party that not only offered a chance to enjoy a hot cup of the beverage with popular finger foods – prepared by Councillor Rodney Hammond – with friends and acquaintances, it allowed them to connect with the local dignitaries.

  All participants were urged to dress for the occasion, including their favourite tea time hats.

  Armstrong noted that the ACT Committee hosted this event in 2020, just before the COVID lockdowns took place. Members were finally able to organize and offer the event to the community again.

  Even though 48 individuals took part in the event, she noted there ended up being a long waiting list of individuals who were interested in participating, but were unable to as there was not enough space to accommodate more patrons.

  That was encouraging to the ACT Committee members, knowing there is interest in the event. This will give them ideas on how to host it in the future.

  Individuals of all ages were able to participate in the Downtown Essex Tea Party, which also offered a chance for everyone to put together a Valentine's Day craft and decorate Valentine's Day themed cookies.

  The ACT Committee hosted the tea party as a way to give area residents something fun and unique to do during the winter lull.

  Armstrong was appreciative to the Town of Essex employees who came out to help execute the event, in addition to the local dignitaries who took the time to serve the tea.


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