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Sunshine Point Camp received $50,000 donation

Photo by Shelby Wye. Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche, Councillor Sherry Bondy and daughter Gwen, Dan Inverarity of Sunshine Point Camp, MP Tracey Ramsey, and Councillor Larry Snively celebrate the camp’s success at a dinner hosted last Thursday.

by Sylene Argent

Last Thursday, around 85 supporters and sponsors of the popular Kiwanis-Sunshine Point Camp in the Harrow area enjoyed a dinner that recognized their commitment to keeping the camp running.

  Volunteer Dan Inverarity said the dinner was hosted at the camp as a way to thank those donators and the important volunteers who dedicate either time or money to ensure the success of the camp. A handful of local dignitaries were also in attendance to learn about the important role the camp plays in the lives of youth of families facing economic stress. 

  Over the past few years, Inverarity said a lot of work has been done around the camp to ensure it is available to the hundred of youth who enjoy the camp festivities each summer.

  During the dinner, Inverarity, on behalf of the camp, was pleased to accept a $50,000 donation from Dominic Gammiero, who attend the camp in his youth, in the 1960s.

  Inverarity explained Gammiero had fond memories of the camp and wanted to make the donation to ensure youth could continue to enjoy all the camp has to offer.

  A donation of that size, Inverarity said, sponsors a cabin onsite. Thanks to Gammiero’s donation, one of the cabins will be named, “A…Ok,” which is a phrase Gammiero’s mother loved to use.

  This donation accounts for the camp’s second cabin sponsorship. Inverarity said a $50,000 donation will name a cabin after the sponsor for five years. Payments of $10,000 are made over the five-year duration. Four more cabins at Kiwanis-Sunshine Point Camp are still available for sponsorships.

  Each year, Inverarity and the other members of the Camp’s Board of Directors need to raise $150,000 to keep the camp operational, so donations are always appreciated and accepted.

  Kiwanis-Sunshine Point Camp, Inverarity said, has been open since 1947 and has accommodated 35,000 youths, of economically stresses families, in that time.

  Those who would like to contribute to the camp can contact Inverarity at 519-919-9339.


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