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“True Fest” takes spotlight in Amherstburg through Dalhousie Street

by Garrett Fodor

Despite a chill in the air, the cooler weather did not affect the turnout or the partying as this year’s “True Fest” took centre stage in Amherstburg on Saturday. 

  Continuing on with its tradition, the Town of Amherstburg hosted its annual “True Fest” winter event on Saturday. The open-air festival spanned throughout Dalhousie Street and ran from 6 to 10 pm.

  The event featured live entertainment from drag queens and fire dancers, as well as encouraged others to dance, move, and connect with one another. The event is designed around an unforgettable ‘70s disco party, offering inclusion and celebrating artistic expression. 

  “It’s great to see people out and enjoying themselves and coming together,” Jen Ibrahim, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism for the Town of Amherstburg, said. “I feel that we have a very kind and accepting community here, and each year the event grows and I think that it just continues to show this.”

  The Town of Amherstburg hosted the first edition of the event in 2020, before being put on pause through the COVID-19 pandemic. It returned in 2023. Each year, the event has grown and Ibrahim notes that this is something the Town is always trying to do with events. 

  “We’re always looking to change and improve upon our festivals and events, and this year we were fortunate to have many new partners come on board. So, when people come, it’s not just the usual event,” Ibrahim said. “Bracing for the elements, we’ve added fire tables for people to warm up and make s’mores, we’ve added warming shelters. People bundled up and embraced the Canadiana. Not many places locally have an outside festival in January and it’s truly beautiful.”

  While the event spanned Dalhousie Street with the stages set up in the road entering Navy Yard Park, many of the businesses within the downtown core also got into the action, offering additional programming, entertainment, expanding hours, and offering additional activities for all ages for those in attendance. 

  Ibrahim thanks all who attended and who have helped to grow the festival. She would also like to thank WE Pride who helped to bring people into the event, along with all of the other sponsors who helped to put on the event and welcome everyone to Amherstburg.

  Looking ahead, she encourages everyone to check out to learn more about upcoming events.


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