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Frequently asked questions

Q. When does your newspaper publish? 

A. The Essex Free Press publishes each Thursday.

Q. What is the circulation of The Essex Free Press newspaper? 

A. The Essex Free Press has a circulation of 11,000, with depots also across Essex County and online readership.

Q. When should you receive your free newspaper? 

A. The Essex Free Press carriers start delivery on Wednesday afternoons and have until 6pm on Friday to deliver.

Q. What is your advertising deadline

A. We ask that you have everything into our office by Fridays at 12 noon, but can make adjustments as needed, (The sooner the better).

Q. How can I submit a classified ad or personal greeting

A. The best way is to email: with a write-up or if you have a birthday or in memoriam announcement, you can also submit a photo and we will get back to you with a proof and/or price for your consideration and approval. Prices vary on size and word count. 

Q. Can I pay for a subscription?  

A. The short answer is, No. The Essex Free Press is a free publication and is free to read online. You can also pick up a paper at one of our many depots across the County. We try to make the newspaper as accessible as possible. 

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