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2019 Local living wage calculations released

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On Friday, March 1, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) released the 2019 Living Wage calculations for Windsor and Essex County. The Living Wage is calculated based on a provincial standard using local data.

The 2019 Living Wage for Windsor and Essex County is $15.15/hour when an employer does not provide family health benefits, and $14.00/hour when the employer provides family health benefits. The 2019 Living Wage represents a 34-cent per hour increase over the 2018 Living Wage.

The Living Wage is different from the minimum wage. The Living Wage is based on the real cost of goods and services in our community. A Living Wage can help Windsor and Essex County residents live their lives in the face of rising costs. It can also provide increased opportunities for  Windsor and Essex County residents to take part in social and community activities.

  For employers, paying a Living Wage may lead to improved productivity, increased employee loyalty, and decreased costs associated with absent staff, training, and employee turnover. Paying a Living Wage is a key way that employers can show the community that they are a socially conscious business. Living Wage employers recognize that paying a Living Wage is an investment in a strong local economy and a healthy, vibrant community.

Applying to become a Living Wage employer is easy. Simply visit the WECHU website and complete the online application form. Applications are typically reviewed within days and certification usually occurs shortly afterward.

Living Wage Certified employers will receive a package, which includes a mounted certificate, door decals, social media promotion, and recognition on WECHU’s website. In addition, all Living Wage employers will be formally recognized at the annual Gord Smith Healthy Workplace and Bike Friendly Awards Breakfast in October.  For more information visit


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