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2022-2026 Term of Essex Council inaugurated

by Sylene Argent

Members of the 2022-2026 Term of Essex Council were inaugurated on Monday night, marking a new era of local decision-making.

Town of Essex Clerk Robert Auger administered the Declaration of Office to each member of the newly elected Council, which states they will truly, faithfully, and impartially exercise the office to the best of their knowledge and ability, in addition to undertaking other oaths of service.

“I am honoured to lead this new Council. This is a privilege I will not take for granted. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve members of my community, administration, and Council,” Bondy said. “My role is not going to be just serving the community, but serving my fellow Council as well, in ensuring they feel the support from the Mayor’s chair.”

Bondy, who was first elected in 2010 to represent Harrow on Essex Council, said she ran for the head position this past election because she wanted to serve members of the public, provide options, and a different style and approach to municipal politics.

“There’s no denying there is going to be a learning curve, but my hope is that we – as Council – can learn together and grow in the process together. With hard work and perseverance, we can make a strong team even stronger,” Bondy said, noting her door will always be open.

She urged others to set goals and work everyday to achieve them. “One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to not give up when you get knocked down. As long as you keep getting back up and follow your dreams, you can succeed.”

The new Council will have to face challenges, she said. “I believe we will experience many victories as well. I know at times it won’t be easy, but it is going to be worth it.”

As Mayor, Bondy hopes to bring a sense of community to Essex, where everyone feels welcome.

The 2022-2026 Term of Council will be a great team and has already been off to a great start, as the eight decision-makers in the making have participated in Council training, one-on-one meetings, and are already getting out there in the community,” Bondy said.

“The best is yet to come,” she said, adding she hopes residents stay connected to local politics. “All of us have a responsibility to create a community that we want to live in.”

The eight members inaugurated took the opportunity to thank their families, friends, and supporters, who helped get them a spot on Essex Council. Many spoke of the quality of the administrative team at the Town of Essex and are looking forward to working with and learning from the staff members.

“I know, fellow Councillors, we are not going to agree on everything, but where we do agree -where we do find that common ground - that’s where our community will grow that is fair and prosperous for us all,” Councillor Jason Matyi said.

Essex’s 2022-2026 Term of Council includes:

Mayor - Sherry Bondy

Deputy Mayor - Rob Shepley

Ward 1 Councillor - Joe Garon

Ward 1 Councillor - Katie McGuire-Blais

Ward 2 Councillor - Kim Verbeek

Ward 3 Councillor - Brad Allard

Ward 3 Councillor - Jason Matyi

Ward 4 Councillor - Rodney Hammond

The new Term of Essex Council’s first official meeting will be held on Monday, December 5 at 6pm at the Essex Municipal Building. It will be watchable via livestream.


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