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Advocacy group provides candidates a platform to speak on senior issues

Adam Budrewicz, CARP Windsor Essex Chapter 7 President, was at the Atlas Tube Centre in Lakeshore last Friday afternoon as the senior advocacy group hosted a meet and greet with the federal election candidates so senior-related topics could be discussed.

by Sylene Argent  

With the federal election date just around the corner, and with voters still learning about party platforms and candidate values, the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) has been hosting meet and greets with candidates in the local three ridings. These events allow community members an opportunity to ask senior-related questions of candidates vying to be elected to represent their riding at the House of Commons on October 21.

  Adam Budrewicz, CARP Windsor Essex Chapter 7 President, explained the organization advocates for and benefits seniors.

  He said the purpose of these events is to have the candidates present party platforms on senior topics, such as pensions, Pharmacare, and affordable housing. Budrewicz said he took notes and will contact the organization’s members about what was learned at these events as it may be hard for some seniors to get out and participate.

  The Essex Riding candidates had their opportunity to speak about senior issues at the CARP event hosted at the Atlas Tube Centre in Lakeshore last Friday afternoon. Incumbent Tracey Ramsey (NDP), Chris Lewis (Conservative), and Bill Capes (PPC) attended last Friday’s session. Candidates had five-minutes to introduce themselves. Attendees where the able to ask them any questions they had.

  Ramsey spoke about the importance of addressing senior issues, such as pension security (like ensuring pensions are paid out if a company goes bankrupt), affordable housing needs, and the NDP’s plan to introduce Pharmacare and dental care. She also spoke about how the NDP tried to bring forward a national senior strategy.

  The number of seniors in the area is growing, Ramsey noted. Without a strategy, it is difficult to know where to apply supports where they are most needed.

  She noted the NDP would pay for such initiatives as there is $6B in corporate debt and a large sum was spent on a pipeline. It is all about proprieties on how the government decides to spend. The wealthiest in the country, she added, should pay more.

Lewis said he and his campaign team have knocked on thousands of doors across the riding to date and has heard may different concerns by doing so. At the end of the day, seniors make up a large portion of the riding. He has heard seniors ask not to be left behind.

  “That really resonates with me,” he said. “They built what we have today.”

  Making life more affordable for seniors is important, especially for those who have low-incomes, so they can enjoy their golden years. He said the Conservative plan can help make life more affordable for seniors as it plans to scrap the carbon tax, take the GST off home heating, provide universal tax cuts (including pension earnings), invest $1.5B to replace and add new medical imaging equipment for hospitals, and increase the age credit $1,000 per year per senior.

  Capes noted conversation this election has centered around national programs. He said Canadians agree something must be done, but noted, however, the issues of healthcare, housing, and education are provincial matters. A People’s Party platform strategy of a simpler, smaller federal government, leading the provinces to a more efficient Canada, is the only solution for success for a fair, prosperous country for all, he said.

  The People’s Party, he continued, would eliminate the trade and services blocks that exist within the provincial governments.

  He added ending debt incurred by the current trend of helping the world rather than spending efforts for Canadians in need, and ending the special lobby costs that are built in to the current system, will get the job done nationally.

  CARP is hosting another meet and greet with Essex Riding candidates on Wednesday, October 16, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Vollmer Complex in LaSalle.

  To learn more information about CARP, a non-profit and non-partisan association representing more than 320,000 older Canadians across Canada, log onto

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