Amherstburg Freedom Museum celebrates Black History Month with “Journeys” exhibit 

by Julianna Bonnett 

Back by popular demand, Amherstburg Freedom Museum celebrated Black History Month in partnership with Artists of Colour on Saturday night.

  An exhibition called “Journeys” was unveiled to tell the story of black enslavement and was open for the younger generations to see the courage and determination of people who refuse to accept slavery. The exhibit featured nine artists, including Dennis K. Smith.

  Smith, one of the original members of Artists of Colour, said he has been painting for awhile, but since joining Artist of Colour in 2008, things changed for him.

  “I’m just very thankful for the experience and being able to create artwork that showcases our history,” Smith said. “Being able to feature our work in the Amherstburg Freedom Museum is a great thing for us and for our younger generation of kids to see.”

  Formed in 2008, The Artists of Colour was a group comprised of individuals, who speak of the history within the community through visual and oral language of art.

  More than 70 people showed up to the exhibit opening that featured live performances. In addition, all artists were present.

  Curator and Administrator of Amherstburg Freedom Museum, Mary-Katherine Whelan, said they started the exhibit in 2018 and people just couldn’t get enough of it.

  “The stories the artists are sharing is what really draws people in,” Whelan said. “A lot of people don’t realize the history that has happened in Windsor and also Essex County, so we love showcasing that to the public to see.”

  The “Journeys” exhibit will be on display until April 29. For more information on Artists of Colour, visit its website at