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‘Another man’s treasure’ found at United Church yard sale

Volunteers with Essex United Church were all smiles Saturday morning as they hosted the second day of the church’s bi-annual yard sale. The sales have become the biggest fundraiser for the church and attract a number of bargain hunters.

by Kyle Reid

Treasure seekers and bargain hunters alike lined up outside Essex United Church early Friday morning, wanting to be amongst the first to find a good deal during the church’s two-day, bi-annual fundraising yard sale.

Nancy Holden, volunteer and former Essex United Church yard sale organizing committee chairperson, said the number of shoppers, eager to get a look at some of the treasures at the fall yard sale, surprised her this year.

“I couldn’t even estimate, there [were] 40 door crashers here yesterday morning, right when we started,” Holden said late Saturday morning, after the bargain fever had died down.

While the sale appeals to many of the thrifty shoppers in Essex and the surrounding area, funds raised through the annual market go back into the community by funding Essex United Church programs. This is possible as the yard sale items were donated to the church by members of the Essex community.

Those funds include, “A lot of outreach programs, a lot of community programs, and our in-church programs as well,” Holden said. “There’s a lot.”

Essex United Church has been holding the spring and fall yard sales for over 35 years. The sales have become the largest fundraisers for the church, growing each year.

Wilma Fawdry and Joan Macfarlane, who co-chaired the organizing committee for this year’s sale, estimated that last year, the event brought in around $4,000 for the church.

This year, Holden estimates the fall yard sale may bring in even more for the church since the spring yard sale didn’t go ahead as planned this year.

“We did cancel the one in the spring because we didn’t think we had enough to put out a full-size yard sale like this,” Holden said. “So, I think we have twice as much [now]. It’s been really doing well.”

There was certainly no shortage of goods for sale. Large scale items, like kitchen appliances, furniture items, and even a treadmill, brought in the attention of shoppers, while some looked among the craftier knickknacks.

Baked goods were also available, as well as a lunch organized on Friday afternoon, which provided an opportunity for shoppers to grab a bite after looking through the yard sale items.

The volunteers with the church were certainly grateful for the support.

“It’s wonderful to see,” Holden said. “It’s just really good.”


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