Bear Patrol performs during Tune Up the Parks

by Sylene Argent

The solid sound of good old rock ‘n roll could be heard echoing throughout Essex Centre as local cover band “Bear Patrol” performed last Wednesday as part of the Arts, Culture, and Tourism (ACT) Committee’s Tune Up the Parks Concert series.

  “Bear Patrol” offered a wide-range of classics for its audience to enjoy. The local band played under the newly installed pavilion, which is now open for use inside the Heritage Gardens Park in Essex Centre, to get a little shade from a blistering sun on a very warm evening.  

 This local band is no stranger to the local summer music series, in fact, it was the very first to perform when the series began four years ago. Members of the five-piece band always perform the music on their set list with a lot of energy.

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 Karen Morand, a local singer/songwriter, is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, July 11 inside the Heritage Gardens Park. Her performance is slated to start at 7pm. Concert slots may change or get cancelled.

Concertgoers are urged to bring along their own lawn chair or blanket and have the option to forward a donation to the performers.

 For more information about upcoming Tune Up the Parks performances, which primarily take place in Colchester Centre on Monday evenings and in Essex Centre on Wednesday evenings, log onto

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