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Brentwood Recovery Home receives largest single donation to date

A memorial donation from Clifford Bruce provided the largest single donation to Brentwood Recovery Home on February 3.

by Julianna Bonnett

On Monday, Brentwood Recovery Home in Windsor received its single biggest donation to date, as over $302,000 was donated in the name of Clifford Bruce.

  Bruce attended Brentwood Recovery Home, and graduated from it in 1978. He passed away in February of last year. The donation was made by Bruce’s best friend and executor, Dennis Ouellette, who agreed to take over Bruce’s estate 20 years ago.

  “I just looked at him and said, look, you don’t need the money and I don’t need the money,” Ouellette recalled. “I said to him, there are people out there and people at Brentwood [who] are going to need it, give back to the place that gave so much to you; and that’s what he did.”

  Ouellette said if Bruce was still here, this is something he would have love to see happen for Brentwood.

  “I know he would be happy,” Ouellette said. “With how many people came out, the amazing help he got here, and the great people at Local 444, I am thankful for all the help and support we had with putting this together.”

  During the legacy donation ceremony, Brentwood’s main meeting room was renamed to the “Clifford Bruce Memorial Meeting Room” in his memory.

More than 100 people attended the ceremony. Amongst those in attendance were representatives of UNIFOR Local 444, including President Dave Cassidy. Bruce was a member of the CAW and UNIFOR local 444 for over 40 years.

  Brentwood’s Director of Development, Mark Lennox, was more than happy to see how many people came out for the Legacy Donation.

  “I’m happy to say that our community is becoming closer and help one another out,” Lennox said. “There is still a lot to be done here, and because of Clifford’s donation, it is going to help out a lot of people. And, I can’t thank him enough for that.”

  Father Paul Charbonneau, who donated $150,000 to Brentwood, made the previous largest donation to the recovery home 10-years ago. Brentwood will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Father Charbonneau’s donation in March.

  In 1964, Father Charbonneau, and Jim and Kay Ryan, founded Charity House, which with their guidance and vision, became the Brentwood Recovery Home.

  Because of community support, Brentwood has been providing live-in addiction treatment to those who suffer from substance abuse in Windsor and Essex County for over 55 Years. It also provides supportive programs for their families.

  For more information about the services Brentwood Recovery Home offers, log onto


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