Chittle family trying to get earn a spot on Family Feud Canada

by Sylene Argent

Family Feud fever seems to be sweeping across Essex County, as a second group comprised of area residents, is trying to get on the Canadian version of the popular game show.

  The Chittle Family – consisting of Heather Richardson and her husband, Scott, of Essex, Heather’s mom and dad, Rick and Juanita Chittle, and her aunt, Jeanine Pitre, of Tecumseh – participated in their second and final Family Feud Canada audition recently, and Heather walked away from that online meeting feeling pretty good.

  Just like the Teves family of Harrow, which is also trying to get on the popular game show, the Chittle family had to put together a bit of a routine for the first audition. During the second audition, they had to play with the show’s producers and another family from Montreal.

  “Pretty much now, we wait,” Heather said.

  Heather admits to being the one responsible for signing up her family members to audition for the show. She said she came across the information about the Family Feud Canada auditions, while surfing social media awhile ago. She filled out the registration form. “I didn’t even tell anybody,” she joked.

  When she went to submit the form, she noticed she had to make a brief video, where she had to talk about her family. Around five-days later, the producers of the show contacted her about the audition process.

  Going through the two audition processes, Heather said, “Was so much fun. They made it a lot easier for us, too, and made us feel comfortable.”

  Heather said her teammates love trivia, and can get pretty competitive. And, while going through the audition process, they followed what she said was the producers’ advice; just have fun and cheer each other on.

  In the spirit of the Family Feud Canada auditioning process, this local family had t-shirts made, in the same colour of the show’s logo, that read: #thechittlefamily.

  She hopes the Chittle family will hear good news within the next few weeks.

“It would be a blast,” Heather said if her team got the nod to be participants on the show. “I think just the experience of just going on would be fun,” she said, adding winning a bit of money would be nice, too.

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