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Christian Reformed Church presented $500 to Food Bank

Essex Christian Reformed Church member Albert Spitse forwarded a $500 donation, on the church’s behalf, to Essex Area Food Bank volunteer Gerry Belanger on Thursday morning.

by Sylene Argent  

With the desire to support local families and individuals in need, Essex Christian Reformed Church hosts a variety of fundraisers for the Essex Area Food Bank and other charities throughout the year.


On Thursday, Albert Spitse, a member of the congregation, forwarded a $500 donation, on the church’s behalf, to support the Essex Area Food Bank. Volunteer Gerry Belanger was pleased to accepted the donation.


The monies for this particular donation were raised through monthly chili sales. Proceeds are forwarded to various charities and not-for-profits in need of support.


During the month of October, members of the Church collect non-perishable food items for the Essex Area Food Bank. At Christmas, the church donates scarves and gloves to be distributed through the Food Bank, which members have kindly crafted. And, at its recurring movie nights, the congregation collects non-perishable food items for the Food Bank as the price of admission into the event.


Spitse said the congregation likes to forward support to the Essex Area Food Bank as it helps many individuals and families in need of a little support as they go through financially stressful situations.


“We want to help people in our community,” he said.


Belanger was grateful of the donation and noted it came at a good time of the year. The shelves tend to start going a little bare this time of year as school-driven food collections begin to dwindle down before the summer break begins.   


“The summer is always tough,” Belanger said.


On average, the Essex Area Food Bank is serving around 60 clients, twice per week. Each client can represent around three individuals, depending on the size of families.  


Any support the community can give over the summer months would be greatly appreciated.


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