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Cogeco offers free online navigation, safety, and program session

by Sylene Argent

Cogeco cares about its clients, and that is why the service provider hosted a free online navigation, safety, and program session for seniors and older adults at the Maedel Community Centre on Monday.

Rob Rende, Events Coordinator for Community Relations, Geoff Bent, Community Relations Specialist, and Catie Carter, Events Coordinator for Community Relations for Cogeco, were pleased to welcome 17 individuals to the event. The session included a 45-minute presentation that covered a number of topics, such as how they can protect themselves from fraud and phishing scams and what to do to prevent falling victim, basic online navigation, and how to use popular programs.

The event also offered a Q&A session, which allowed the attendees to ask any questions they may have had about using their devices, getting familiar with popular programs, how to download apps and upgrade software, or how to safely explore the world wide web.

This was the first event of its kind the trio has hosted, and they were eager to use the experience as a way to navigate how to administer future events. The session was a way Cogeco could give back to the community of Essex and help residents discover how to navigate the internet safely.

The size of the class allowed the trio to give plenty of attention to each of those who signed-up and help them explore features on their own devices.

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