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Colchester North celebrates French culture

by Sylene Argent  

The students at Colchester North Public school received the opportunity to celebrate and experience a little bit of French culture last Thursday, as the local elementary school hosted it very own version of the Carnaval de Quebec for the first time.

  Through this unique experience, the students learned about the traditional, multi-week winter festival that began in Quebec in 1894, and were also able to utilize the French-speaking skills they have learned so far this school year.

  As part of this interactive program, the students from every class at the school had the opportunity to enjoy what each of the 12 stations setup for the event had to offer. The stations included having the students sit in the café to enjoy Tim Hortons donated hot chocolate and the Beaver Tail treats that were made at the school, participate in completing a giant French-themed puzzle, making music with spoons, taking a selfie, and getting their faces painted.

  The students were also able to show off their athletic talents through participating in an obstacle course, floor hockey, and a make-shift speed skating competition.  

  Colchester North Public School French teacher, Kayley Dean, organized the event for the students to enjoy, with help from fellow staff members, who supervised each station, and some of the older students, who guided groups of youth for the day.

  Dean said the students were excited to participate in the event and were really embracing the French-Canadian culture. They were also eager to greet Bonhomme Carnaval, who is the mascot of the Quebec-based festival.

  Though in public schools, students do not begin learning French until they are in grade four, Dean said the whole school was invited to get involved so the younger students could get interested in taking this subject in the future.  

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