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Colchester North Sewing Club stitching gifts of warmth

- the students are creating lap blankets for Hospice -

by Sylene Argent

The around ten youths involved with the Colchester North Public School Sewing Club are currently giving up their nutrition breaks twice a week to create gifts of warmth and comfort to patients in Hospice care.

  The students, under direction of volunteer seamstress, Marlies Kutz, are currently creating lap blankets for Hospice patients. The lap blankets are designed to suit patients in wheelchairs.

  Colchester North Public School teacher, Mrs. Ross, noted Mrs. Kutz learned of the need for lap blankets at Hospice, and as a professional seamstress, thought this would be a great project for the Colchester North Public School Sewing Club to undertake under her direction.

  This week, a representative of Hospice will meet with the students to collect any lap blankets that have been completed so far.

  The Sewing Club would greatly appreciate any donations of cotton material for the lap blankets. Donation arrangements can be made with the school.

  Since its inception at the beginning of the schoolyear, the Sewing Club at Colchester North Public School has grown from three members to around ten. The increase in interest was due to the completion of certain sporting seasons, which provided students formerly committed to other school activities an opportunity to get involved. Another reason the popularity of the club was on the rise was because students were taking notice of the cool items, such as pincushions, totes, and Halloween bags, the club members were making.   

  The sewing class is possible because of the donation of previously owned sewing machines, and the repairs made to them.  

  This is not the first time Colchester North Public School has donated to Hospice. Around this time last year, the students hosted a school-wide donation drive to collected items Hospice needed, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, juice, Jell-O, pudding, wipes, floss, non-slip socks, and meal replacements. Thanks to support, the local elementary school was able to donate nearly 1500 items.

  As a result of this donation, the school was awarded with a Volunteer of the Year award.

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