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Colchester North students ready to read this summer

by Sylene Argent

As part of an eco-school recycling initiative, Colchester North Public School hosted a book exchange on Thursday morning, which also encouraged students to continue reading over the upcoming summer break.

Students were urged to bring in books they no longer read to exchange leading up to the big swap date. Then, last Thursday, each of the students in the school were allowed to select four books to take home for summer reading fun.

Colchester North Public School teacher Ms. Ducharme explained the students brought in a whopping 988 books to exchange for the event. Miss Elford’s grade five class brought in 247 of those books, which earned the students a frozen-treat day for being the class that donated the most.

Before the swap, a list of students volunteered to help collect and count the donated books, then separate them into categories. This allowed classmates a chance to easily find a couple of age-appropriate, interesting stories to bring home.

“They have been very excited,” Ducharme said of the of the students on the day of the book exchange. “It was very successful.”


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