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Continued Council Notes for April 16

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

by Sylene Argent

Enlarging the CIP area for Colchester

Essex Council received the report “Colchester and County Road 50 Community Improvement Bylaw (Ward 3).” The report recommended the expansion of the Colchester Community Improvement Plan project area along County Road 50. Council also passed Bylaw 1689, which will enlarge the CIP area for Colchester Centre.

  Economic Development Officer Nelson Silveira explained word about this expansion is spreading.

  This bylaw amendment will allow for the expansion of the boundaries of the Colchester Centre CIP to include the lands that front on the north and south sides of CR50 to the Town limits, CR41 to the west and CR23 to the east.

  “The intent of this expansion is to support the creation of on-farm diversified and agriculture-related uses in accordance with the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS), the County and Town of Essex Official Plans, and the OMAFRA guidelines for land uses on prime agricultural lands,” it stated in the report.

  The Harrow and Colchester Community Improvement Plan has $150,000.00 in allocated funds for 2018 projects that are eligible for grants.


Rezoning of 80 Maidstone Avenue West

Council received the report “Rezoning Bylaw for 80 Maidstone West (Ward 1)” and adopted Bylaw 1690, which amends the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw for the Town of Essex.

  Approval of the Bylaw will convert 80 Maidstone Avenue West from R1.1 to R2.3 to permit single and semi-detached and townhome dwellings for affordable housing on a 4.5-acre parcel on the south side of Maidstone Avenue, west of Bell Avenue.

  A special meeting on this matter was held previously.

Heritage Listings

Essex Council allowed the properties 9567 County Road 11, for its historical and contextual value as the spiritual pillar of the community of McGregor, and 400 County Road 13, for its architecture as a Victorian-era farmstead and its historical and associative value, to be listed on the Essex Municipal Heritage Register, pursuant to subsection 27 (1.2) of the Ontario Heritage Act.

  The Report to Council notes listing a tool the Ontario Heritage Act can use to formally identify properties that may have cultural heritage value.


New Mural in Essex Centre

Essex Council received the report “New Mural to be located at 47 Talbot Street North” and passed a bylaw that would enter into an agreement with John Spevak to allow the Town of Essex to install a mural on the southeast wall of the property located at 47 Talbot Street North in Essex Centre.

  The mural will be located inside the parkette, on the wall of a private building.

  The report to Council noted the Essex Centre BIA approached the Arts, Culture, and Tourism Committee in 2017, requesting assistance in the development of a mural project in Essex Centre.

  The Essex Centre BIA had allocated $10,000 to fully fund the project during the spring/summer of 2018.


Tourism Marketing in 2018

Essex Council received the report, “Tourism Marketing 2018,” which provide Council with an overview of tourism marketing efforts in 2018.

  The Report to Council notes as administration moves forward in 2018 with tourism marketing, the approach in telling the story has changed to accommodate capturing certain audiences. “Tourism marketing must be unique and cannot try to be everything to everyone. As a result, administration has focused on four of the Town’s strongest tourism assets. They include: wineries & culinary, waterfront/beach, cycling, and heritage. In order to engage visitors to experience these opportunities administration has focused on print, digital, and strategic forms of marketing.”


Public Feedback on Colchester Park Renaming received

Council received the report “Public Feedback on Colchester Park Renaming” for information.

  Public feedback was gathered after discussion began at the municipal decision-making table that would have potentially renamed Colchester Park.

  At the Regular Council Meeting on February 20, it was noted that after two months, if no suitable names were submitted to the Town for the name of Colchester Park, that the Town name the park after Elijah McCoy.

  Councillor Ron Rogers had suggested McCoy.

  Administration created an online form to receive submissions from the public. The online form received 42 individual responses. Four written submissions were received in paper or electronic format, the Report to Council notes.

  Of those 46 total responses, 28 were in support of maintaining the current name, 12 were in support of the McCoy Park name, and six suggested other names.


Information on McGregor Sanitary Sewer Works

Essex Council received a presentation and report regarding McGregor’s sanitary works from Chris Nepszy, Essex’s Director of Infrastructure & Development, and Antonietta Giofu, Director of Engineering and Public Works for the Town of Amherstburg.

  The report provided information to Council regarding the Town of Amherstburg’s sanitary sewer system and the Town of Essex’s storm water systems, which serve residents in McGregor Centre.

  It was noted during the presentation the infrastructure was in fairly good condition. Amherstburg has a focus on the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program for residents there, established in 2017, which has had uptake from 18 residents to date.

  The Report to Council notes the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program was created to try to encourage improvement on the private-side of the system. The program provides residents an array of options, including assistance with downspout and foundation drain disconnection, backwater valve installation, and sump pump overflow.

  The Report to Council highlighted some history on the infrastructure. In 1981, the Ministry of Environment commenced a Provincial Project to construct the current central sewage collection and treatment system for the community of McGregor. Currently the Town of Amherstburg are owners of this system and have contracted operations to the Ontario Clean Water Agency.

  Councillor Sherry Bondy said the report was a good refresher for Council, which helped to highlight what town is responsible for what.

  Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche said McGregor residents often ask him about this issue.


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