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Continued Council Notes for Monday, January 14

by Sylene Argent

Part Lot Control Exemption for Essex Town Centre subdivision

Essex Council received Policy Planner Jeff Watson’s report, “Essex Town Centre Part Lot Control Exemption Application,” gave three readings to Bylaw 1775 to provide that Part Lot Control shall not apply to certain lands for the Essex Town Centre Subdivision, and will advise the Manager of Planning Services for the County of Essex that the Town supports Part Lot Control Exemption for a two-year period and recommends this application be approved at the County level.

  During the meeting, Watson explained this project will be developed in phases. This covered phase one. Part lot control exemption, he added, basically recognizes the subdivision is planned in blocks. In order to develop those blocks, this had to be passed. When approved by the County, this will allow the developer to build and sell the individual units of semi-detached, townhomes, and single-family homes planned in the first phase.   

  In the report to Council, it notes The Essex Town Centre subdivision was split into 21 blocks on the registered plan of subdivision, which Council approved in 2006. The blocks and part blocks to be granted Part Lot Control Exemption are located at the entrances to the subdivision and along the rear of the non-residential lands (to the north and west on Maidstone and South Talbot).

  The report added that in response to the concerns of the residents along Maidstone, the zoning bylaw was amended to provide exclusively for single-detached dwellings on 50-foot-wide lots behind the Maidstone properties (on the north side of Bear Street).

  The granting of Part Lot Control Exemption is one of two steps, the report continues. The subdivision is also in a holding zone, HR2.2, permitting single, semi-detached, and townhome dwellings, subject to the removal of the Hold ‘H’ constraint. When the development servicing plan is updated and meets today’s standards for storm water management, the “Hold” will be removed on a phase-by-phase basis through Council adopted bylaws.

  The report also notes it could take a decade for the development to be completed and that its conceptual plan could change.

Fire Chief Arnel appointed as Executive Vice President of OAFC   

Essex Council received correspondence from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) that noted Essex Fire Chief Rick Arnel was recently re-appointed to the position of Executive Vice President of the provincial-wide committee. It also moved to send a letter of congratulations to Arnel.

  The appointment took place at the committee’s 66th Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

  The letter noted the mission of the OAFC is to lead innovation, efficiency, and effective management within the fire and emergency services profession.

  Councillor Sherry Bondy said she wanted it noted on file that although this is a prestigious and valued position, she is opposed to this elected position for Essex’s Fire Chief “as I believe, from my door-knocking in the (2018) election, and our issues, our Fire Chief would be best suited in our local area right now.”


NoM: Investigating pre-servicing industrial lands

At the December 17 Essex Council meeting, Mayor Larry Snively put forward a Notice of Motion to have Council discuss having administration begin investigating opportunities to pre-service the industrial zoned, expanded settlement land that is located south of Highway # 3 and County Road # 8. He also would like administration to look at methods for the cost recovery of this.    

  Councillor Morley Bowman chaired this segment of the meeting, allowing Snively to vacate the Mayor’s chair so he could talk about his Notice of Motion.

  Snively said during campaigning, he heard a lot about industrial growth on the “opposite side” of Highway # 3. He said there is a cost to bring services to that side of the highway. Snively sees this as a chance for the Town to grow its industry and build its tax base.

  Essex’s Policy Planner Jeff Watson said back in 2014, when the County of Essex created its Official Plan, the Essex Centre Settlement area was expanded, affecting the aforementioned lands.

  The deal with the Province, at the time, Watson said, the expansion would be for industrial purposes only.

  It was noted during the meeting that a partnership with the land owner would be needed to move forward with this if it were to happen.  

  The motion was carried.     


NoM-for discussion at the February 4 meeting

Mayor Larry Snively put forward a Notice of Motion, to be discussed at the next regular Council meeting, that could have administration provide periodic verbal and/or written reports to update Council on various ongoing development matters or projects.

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