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Council asks for second public open house for Harrow-based zoning request

by Sylene Argent

At a special meeting, held at the Essex Civic and Education Centre, on the evening of Tuesday, September 4, Essex Council heard from applicant Maxwell Abraham, who was looking for a site-specific zoning amendment that would permit a zoned rural residential property, 1466 County Road 13 in Ward 3, to permit, as addition use, the development of a medical office, pharmacy, and parking lot.

  The property is currently vacant and has around 85 feet of frontage and is 439 feet deep.

  Rita Jabbour, Assistant Planner with the Town of Essex, said Tuesday’s statutory meeting fulfilled requirements, and had great attendance.

Council asked that a second meeting be held in Harrow to further discuss the file with area residents and Harrow businesses. The second meeting, she said, will offer another opportunity to hear public opinions.

  The question, she said, was whether or not Harrow could support another pharmacy as she said there are already two, which was a concern heard.

  In order for something different to be added to the property, other than for what it is zoned, a bylaw has to be adopted, but a bylaw can be tailored to the needs of the community, based on what Council and administration is told, she said.  

  With the extra permitted used, Jabbour said, the delegate was thinking of the cohesiveness of the area and offering a medical facility, likely offering different related services, in one space. The property is located near the Harrow Dental Clinic, the Harrow Health Centre, and Harrowood Senior Community Living.

  Another concern brought up at the meeting from a resident, Jabbour said, was the traffic the area was experiencing already. A traffic impact study could be done, but it is difficult to do when it is not known for sure the type of businesses that could be added to the facility, she said.

  “It has been a good discussion. We have had good feedback,” Jabbour said.

  Once a date for the second open house is confirmed, those who live 120 meters from the property in question will be notified. A sign will also be placed on the property and notification will appear on the town website.

  Should the request be granted, it would have to conform to the C1.4 zoning regulations. Council could choose to add specific regulations based on the public’s feedback, the report to Council notes.


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