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Council considering rezoning 13.4-acres in Harrow to residential

by Sylene Argent

On Thursday, during a special Council meeting hosted at the Harrow & Colchester South Community Centre, Essex Council received a Planning Report and presentation that highlighted a Rezoning Application for Noah Homes in Harrow. 

The subject property is situated on the east side of County Road 13, South of Pollard Drive in Harrow.

  The Report to Council noted the statutory public meeting was held to provide background information on the purpose of the proposed zoning amendment. The Town received a rezoning application to permit the development of a new residential subdivision, having access to County Road 13, from A1.1 (general Agricultural) to R2.2 (low/medium density residential).

  The report notes the land in question is a 13.4-acre lot, which is situated at the rear of the built-up properties on the east-side of County Road 13. It is proposed the property be developed for a mix of single detached and semi-detached dwellings, with the possibility of townhomes.

  According to the report, in addition to the request for the R2.2 zoning, the proponent would also like Council to consider increasing attached garages from 60 percent of the dwelling width to 70 percent for semi-detached and townhomes, reduce the required front yard from 20 feet to 15 feet, and reduce of the exterior side-yard depth from 15 feet to 4 feet.

  This re-zoning file is planned to go before Council at a future meeting, possibly June 3, for potential approval. If Council supports the rezoning, a rezoning bylaw will be submitted to Council for approval. With that, Planning will submit a report to Council with recommendations with regard to this rezoning request.

  The Report to Council notes the proponent has also applied to the Town for draft Plan of Subdivision approval. In order to move this forward, a preliminary pre-consultation meeting needs to be held with the County Manager of Planning Services, Essex’s Planning Department, and the proponent.

  Development of the subject property is subject to the execution of a subdivision agreement, which will include the adoption of a storm water management plan. A further report to Council will address this.

  Council will be apprised of the status of the application. In addition, a further public meeting well be held to seek public input prior to Planning reporting to Council with regard to the formal draft plan of subdivision and agreement.

  Town Planner Rita Jabbour said questions residents asked during the meeting typically centered around access to Town-owned lands, like Participark Trail and the ball park, but she noted a future road with this subdivision would be private.


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