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Council to consider allowing a semi-detached unit at 470 Dunn Road

by Sylene Argent

On Monday, Council hosted a statutory meeting regarding a Site-Specific Zoning Amendment for vacant lands located at 470 Dunn Road, which is in the Village of Colchester.

  The applicant is seeking a site-specific amendment to permit one semi-detached dwelling. The owner of the property is Yehya (John) Atwan.

  The subject property is a good-sized residential lot at 1098 square metres. It is currently zoned Residential District 1.1, for low density housing on urban lots. One single detached dwelling is permitted as a main use. The official plan designation is Hamlet Residential.

  Corinne Chiasson, Assistant Planner for Planning Services, explained the vacant land on the East Side of Dunn Road is accessed by a road owned and assumed by the Town of Essex and is serviced by a municipally owned water supply and sanitary sewer. It is located within 120-metres of a natural heritage feature or wetland, however physically separated by existing development and Dunn Road. It is not located within the regulated area of the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA).

  Chiasson explained surrounding lots are able to permit semi-detached dwellings.

  She explained the proposed site plan and elevation plans. The owner pushed the proposed home back on the lot to ensure ample parking.

  Council, Chiasson noted, may choose to limit the density of the site to the two dwelling units within the semi-detached structure, and may not permit secondary dwelling units. She noted secondary dwelling units are permitted within the semi-detached dwelling units or in an ancillary building, which could mean four dwelling units could be located at this site.

  Currently, the applicant is not proposing additional second dwelling units, but would like the option at a later date.

  The meeting was held so Council members could hear representations from the public in regard to the merits and concerns related to the application for site specific zoning amendment.

Council will make a decision on the matter at a future meeting.

  There were no objections regarding the proposal from ERCA, Essex Fire, or from the Town’s Infrastructure or Development Services departments.

  Everyone who owns property in the area received information on the proposal. The Town did not receive any public comments as of October 1, 2021.

  Next steps will include providing a Report to Council and by-law at the October 18 meeting. At that time, Council could choose to approve, deny, or defer the application.

  Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche asked if secondary dwelling units are permitted, where would they go on the lot. Rita Jabbour, Manager of Planning Services, said they could be added to the basements or in the backyard in a separate structure, but not within the 25-feet that needs to be kept between a rear lot line and a building. It could also be attached to the back of the original structure.

Councillor Steve Bjorkman said this is something that fits in Colchester Village.

Council received the presentation.


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