Councillors Garon and Bowman add holiday lights to Heritage Gardens Park

by Sylene Argent

As a way to spread Christmas cheer, Ward 1 Councillors Joe Garon and Morley Bowman combined some of their Council Contingency Fund dollars to buy two holiday-themed light structures for the Heritage Gardens Park.

  The light structures are in the shape of a reindeer and a star, which have been installed for the community to enjoy.

  Bowman noted the two wanted to add to the growing holiday theme at the Heritage Gardens Park – which began with the Essex Centre BIA decorating the relatively new pavilion with a large wreath and lights, and adding the two polar bear benches and arches last year.

  He added that the Thanksgiving decorations added to the gazebo, located outside the Essex Municipal Building, was also a popular destination this year, and he wanted to continue to give the community something to get excited about.

  “It is something we can use over and over,” Bowman said of the decorations.

  The Council Contingency Fund consists of dollars set aside out of the annual budget for each Council member that can be used for projects as they come up throughout the year.