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County Council Notes for Wednesday, May 15

by Sylene Argent

Letter of endorsement sought for Windsor pipeline replacement

County Council passed LaSalle Mayor Marc Bondy’s motion to receive Enbridge Gas Inc.’s presentation about the 2020 Windsor Pipeline replacement project and that County Council will provide the requested Letter of Support for the project if they work with the Warden to ensure rights-of-way concerns are dealt with.

  James Whittaker, Manager Regional Construction for the Southwest Region Operations of Enbridge Gas Inc., lead the delegation discussion with County Council. He noted though Union and Enbridge recently merged, the same people are doing the same job. He noted the company exists to provide a multitude of forms of energy to homes. Safety, respect, and integrity are its core values.  

  Whittaker explained the 2020 Windsor Pipeline Replacement project for the natural gas line will replace the existing infrastructure that was built in the 1940s and 1960s. $88million is planned to be invested in the project.

  He noted around 60kms of the pipeline needs replacing. It stretches across Tecumseh, Lakeshore, and Chatham-Kent, primarily along County Road 46. The current pipe is eight to ten inches in diameter. The new pipe will be six inches in diameter, but will operate at a higher pressure. The new pipeline will be laid in the same vicinity of the existing pipeline.

  He requested a letter or resolution from County Council to be included with the project application to the Ontario Energy Board, which will have to review the need and community support for the replacement before it is approved. If approved, construction would begin in

mid-2020, and the pipe would be in-service by late 2020.

  Currently, there are around 450 properties along the project route directly connected to the existing pipeline.

  Several representatives on County Council expressed concern for the smaller diameter on the proposed pipeline. Though Whittaker noted the gas will be delivered through the proposed pipeline at the same rate as the current infrastructure and will maintain its current service level, some dignitaries, including Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain, noted they would prefer the new pipeline to take potential future industrial and residential growth into consideration.

  Concerns over rights-of-way were also expressed.

  “If it goes in, it needs to go in and not be disturbed,” Warden Gary McNamara said.

  CAO Robert Maisonville said he hoped Enbridge would work with the County’s administration on the project.


Ontario Health Team

County Council endorse a collaborative submission of the Ontario Health Team Self–Assessment Form, inclusive of the County of Essex health service provisions, creating one Ontario Health Team for the Windsor Essex community.

  It also authorized its administration to participate and share information and data with the Windsor Essex collaboration group to develope, implement, and make operational an Ontario Health Team, as long as it adheres to the requirements of any funding agreements and relevant information and Privacy Information Acts.

  The County Clerk and the Warden were also authorized to execute any documents required to establish participation in the Windsor Essex Ontario Health Team.

  CAO Robert Maisonville said he wanted County Council to be a part of the process. In February, he said, legislation was proposed at the provincial level to create Ontario Health Teams that will extinguish Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

  With that, he said, health teams throughout the province are trying to get ahead of the curve to develop teams and be proactive. He would like to see Windsor-Essex as one team. Doing this will allow the County to get in on the movement as opposed to sitting on the sidelines.

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