CTMHV hosts British Car and Bike Show

by Adam Gault

Left handed shifting enthusiasts from across Southwestern Ontario and the American Midwest made their way to the Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village (CTMHV) this past Sunday to participate in the annual All British Car and Bike Show.

More than 100 classic British cars and motorcycles were on display in the sweltering summer heat, as automotive fans of all ages enjoyed the opportunity to get up close and personal with a rare collection of autos, not often exhibited locally in such great quantity.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of all British car shows around, and for some reason, it works well here,” Mickey Moulder explained, who is the Vice Chairman of the CTMHV. “There are some in the States, but this is probably one of the closer ones for people who live in Michigan. [Americans] probably see Canada, too, as kind of tied to Britain. It has a certain ring to it, you know.”

Even with competition from across Ontario, Ohio, and Michigan, the winner of the “2018 Best in Show” award went to local Harrow resident, Claude Dubé, and his beautifully restored 1949 mint green Ford Prefect, which just so happened to be his very first automotive restoration effort.

“I feel great, I appreciate [being selected],” Dubé said upon being recognized for his efforts. He added the positive response to his restoration effort from passersby throughout the day was one of the most rewarding parts of the experience. “The colour, that’s the first thing that everybody addresses. It’s the colour that attracts them to the car. If anybody’s doing a restoration, the colour counts, period. If you get the right colour, everybody just loves it.”

The show also featured a barbeque, a selection of English beers, and a 50/50 raffle in support of the museum.

Next month, CTMHV will host its very first “Essex Dream Cruise In” event, a classic car exhibition inspired by dream cruises such as Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise. That event takes place on August 3 in Essex Centre, and is supported through a partnership between the CTMHV and the Essex Centre BIA.

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