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CTMHV hosts the popular collectors’ show

by Adam Gault

For the better part of nearly five years, military, firearms, fishing, and historical enthusiasts have been making their way along the Arner Townline to take part in the quarterly Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village’s (CTMHV) Militaria, Gun, and Sportsman Show.

This past Sunday, long-time vendors and collectors gathered to take part in the quarterly event, to explore the one-of-a-kind selection of rifles, fishing equipment, and military antiques available for purchase, and to learn more about their favourite subjects during an event that continues to grow with every passing year.

“This is more than a gun show, it’s history, and hunting, and everything all combined,” CTMHV Vice Chairman, Mickey Moulder, said of the show’s ongoing success. “We’re all about history. It’s hard to do history without running into weapons. If you think you can do history and not show weaponry, you’re not doing the real history.”

Moulder, who is an avid and long-time collector of historical weaponry himself, explained that for many collectors, the opportunity to own and possess a rare historical item plays a big part in being able to appreciate a particular point in history, as well as bringing that era to life.

“You don’t have to own an antique car to go and look at them, but yet people still want to go and buy one and own it,” Moulder said. “You do feel you’ve purchased, and own a piece of history, and you don’t get that feeling if you’re just an observer.”

Being one of the few firearms and collectors shows in the Windsor-Essex area means that the always sold out CTMHV show can boast a more than 90 percent return rate from its loyal vendors, many of which make sure to register for the next show before the current one has even concluded.

“It’s a positive exchange for people, or they wouldn’t come out,” Moulder explained. “We have about 70 vendors’ tables here today. We sold out. We always sell out.”

As for many of the enthusiasts who attended Sunday’s event, the day marked a chance to share the stories linked with the items on display, and an important opportunity to learn about the sometimes violent history of the last several hundred years and how it shaped, and continues to shape, the geopolitical landscape of our world today.

“For me, it’s all about the history. I don’t glorify guns. I’m not even a shooter, I’m a collector,” Moulder said. “That’s how I am, I like the idea of history and weaponry tied to history.”

CTMHV’s next Militaria, Gun, and Sportsman Show will be held on Sunday, November 18.

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