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CTMHV proud to display new donation

- the 1954 MG has a 40-year history with the local Museum -

by Sylene Argent

Recently, the Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village (CTMHV) received a new donation that is sure to enhance is historical automotive fleet.

  Michael Beneteau donated a red 1954 MG on behalf of his parents, Don and Eileen Beneteau. Don was a long-time supporter of the CTMHV and the Heritage Vehicle Society of Ontario (HVSO), and even made a large donation in the past, which was instrumental in building the facility that houses vehicular history.

  This particular MG, Harry Bergman, Chairperson of the CTMHV, said has been involved with the Museum for around 40-years as it was owned by various members of the HVSO.

  Don owned the car around 40-years ago, then sold it in the ‘90s. He bought the car back around 2005. Bergman noted Michael got the car restored in time to give his mum a ride in it before she passed away in January. Don has enjoyed a ride in the vehicle as well.  

  “The MG TF is very rare,” Bergman said. “It was top of the line.” The sports car has a four-speed manual transmission and was made in Oxfordshire England.

  One of the faults of the design of this model of car, he added, was the transmission, which always jumped out of second gear. At one point, the transmission in this particular car was replaced with one from a five-speed Ford Ranger pickup truck. Other than that modification, the MG is original, Bergman said.

  “It is a gorgeous machine and was very much desired,” Bergman added, looking over the Museum’s newest addition. It has a lot of history with this place.”

  The car is currently on display in Salon C of the Museum, right next to the 1992 Dodge Viper RT and 1977-76 Bricklin Don previously donated to the Museum.

  “We are very proud to have these cars on display,” Bergman commented.

  Tours of the CTMHV are available, but visitors are asked to call 519-776-6909 in advance to book a time.

  The CTMHV is currently selling tickets for it raffle car fundraiser. The current prize is a 1962 Thunderbird, but it will not be drawn until the New Year’s Eve Party in 2021, as this year’s New Year’s Eve Party has been cancelled, due to COVID-19. The same number of tickets will be sold as usual.

  Looking ahead to the holiday season, since the Museum cannot host its annual Christmas and Craft show this year, due to social distancing requirements, the CTMHV will host a Santa’s Workshop in its Gift Shop, from October 22nd to December 20th, for some of its vendors, who provided items for the event.

  Funds raised through CTMHV fundraisers typically support its Children’s Education Program.

  For more information about the CTMHV or its upcoming events or raffle, log onto


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