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Donations made to MP’s 20 Days of Community Giving distributed

by Sylene Argent  

Leading up to the holiday season, in the spirit of giving, Essex MP Tracey Ramsey asked community members to participate in the 20 Days of Community Giving campaign by putting a non-perishable food item aside every day for the duration of the program.

  Once the donations were collected, the local MP’s team worked to divide the items between several food banks located in Essex County, including the Essex Area Food Bank, the Essex Salvation Army, the Harrow chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul, Lakeshore’s Community Support Centre, the Kingsville Community Food Bank, St. Andrews Anglican Church, and Amherstburg Food and Fellowship.

  On Monday afternoon, Ramsey and her team members were excited to roll up their sleeves to help the food bank volunteers load up their vehicles with the heavy boxes, which were loaded with donated food items.

  The local MP was not only pleased to host the campaign, but was pleasantly surprised with the generosity the community showed. She was pleased to point out the participation Dan Inverarity showed, who was able to secure a $4000 donation from his employer, Deerbrook Realty, which went to purchasing food items. Inverarity also helped divide the donations for the food banks and was on hand to help during the distribution.


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