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EDHS basketball camp giving players a head start

by Kyle Reid

Essex District High School (EDHS) is hosting a new basketball camp to help young players develop a love for the game as well as new skills on the court.

  Held every Sunday inside the Essex District High School’s gymnatorium, the program, which Head Coaches of the high school’s basketball team coordinates, offers younger players a chance to improve their skills on the court.

  “We saw a need for youth development basketball,” EDHS basketball Coach David Harrison said. “Essex is a hockey town. It always has been. So, it’s always going to be a strong draw. But, for the kids that were looking for a change, we thought that running this camp would provide it for them.”

  The camp, which runs until March, gives youth from grades 3-8 an opportunity to hone their skills with EDHS coaches, as well as players from the high school team, who volunteer to lend a hand with the program.

  Helping out with the weekly program gives the older players a chance to get the 40 volunteer hours required to graduate high school, and working with the high school students gives the younger players someone to whom they can relate.

  “[The EDHS players] like giving back, they’re good at it, and they relate to kids,” Harrison said. “I think it’s good for everybody. The kids like seeing them out there, and they don’t want to always hear from an adult.”

  Of course, the advantages for the EDHS basketball program are apparent. By giving the players a bit of a head-start on the court, the program helps train many of the young players who come from EDHS feeder schools. This ensures that the rookies entering the high school system will already be familiar with many of the drills and practices used by the team.

  “We want to add to the [elementary] foundation,” Harrison said. “Once the kids come into grade 9, ideally, if they’ve been playing a little bit extra outside of their school teams, the skills will be there.”

  The program runs every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. for grades 3-5 and from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. for grades 6-8. Players are welcomed to drop in for a session. There is a charge to participate.


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