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EDHS Governor General winner plans to study medicine

by Sylene Argent

After pouring all her energy into not only being a competitive athlete proud to wear the black and red, recent Essex District High School (EDHS) graduate, Evelyn O’Neil, was pleased to learn her academic efforts earned her the coveted Bronze Academic Governor General Award.

This honour is presented to the graduating student, who obtained the highest average amongst peers in grades 11 and 12 combined.

O’Neil said her grade average was around 98 percent, and that was due to her commitment to study smarter, not harder.

She said her academic achievement was not earned because she was the smartest kid in the class, but due to her commitment to spending time studying every day.

Her favourite classes included biology – because she has aspirations to one day study medicine and likes to learn about how things work – and calculus/vectors, because she enjoys solving puzzles.

The problem-solving skills she learned in the calculus/vector class have helped her work out problems in other school subjects and in her everyday life, she admitted.

In the fall, O’Neil will attend the University of British Columbia to study in the Science One program, which combines different types of science for a small class of around 80 freshmen. This program was intriguing to her because it also offers a research component, which she believes will help her continue on in her education.

Getting into the Science One program was a competitive process, so she was elated to learn she was accepted.

Last summer, she worked at an orthopaedic clinic in Windsor and enjoyed the scope of duties. She is thinking about heading into this field of study.

Carving out enough time to study was not the only thing O’Neil had to ensure was in her schedule this school year. She was also busy carrying out the duties in regards to her role as Prime Minister of the Student Council, playing for the senior girls’ volleyball team, and running for the track team.

Though O’Neil liked having a full schedule, finding success in all of these areas was possible only by creating a balance.

She thanked her teachers and all the school faculty for their support throughout her high school journey.

Principal Dave Scaddan said he was proud of O’Neil for all her accomplishments. He said her well-rounded nature led to her being selected for the Principal Leadership Award.


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