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EDHS leadership students collect 5000 items for Purse Project  

The students in the EDHS grade 11 Leadership Class were pleased to collect over 5000 items, which will be distributed through the Purse Project to help those in need.

by Sylene Argent

When the students in the grade 11 Essex District High School (EDHS) leadership class decided to take on a new collection drive for the Purse Project, they had no idea they would be successful in collecting over 5000 items and 200 gently used purses.

  Jenna Reaume, one of the students in the grade 11 Leadership Class at EDHS, said her classed was overwhelmed with the dedication the local high school’s student body put into collecting items for the project.  

  The donations of hygiene products, feminine hygiene products, and items for children, such as diapers, were put into the gently used purses they were able to collect. The purses will be distributed to local charities – such as Hiatus House, the Downtown Mission, the Salvation Army, The Welcome Center, Lady of Guadalupe, and the House of Sophrosyne – to aid women and children in cases of abuse or human trafficking.

  Though the Leadership Students offered a pizza party for the class that brought in the most donations for the program, they told fellow students not to focus on the prize, but on the impact the program will make on those in need.

  In addition to having great support from fellow Red Raiders, the grade 11 leadership class was also pleased to receive donations from teachers, local businesses, and some community members, too.

  Though the donation drive collected needed items for a great cause, it also taught the students at EDHS about the programs that assist women escaping situations of abuse or sex trafficking.

  Reaume said sometimes those in less than favourable situations may have a hard time asking for help, so it is nice to proactively provide items for those in need for when they do reach out to support organizations for assistance.

  The grade 11 Leadership Class students far exceeded their donation drive expectations for the Purse Project, and hope the donations will make a positive impact on those in need within the region.  

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