EDHS presents Governor General Academic Medal to Priscilla Dyck

- this grad earned a 98.07 percent average

from grade 11 and 12, and a $42,000 scholarship -

by Sylene Argent

Recent Essex District High School (EDHS) graduate Priscilla Dyck is no stranger to excelling in academics. Since grade nine, she has earned the Proficiency Award for having obtained the highest average amongst her classmates.

  Now, she is being honoured with the Governor General Academic Medal, having earned the highest calculated average out of all grade 11 and grade 12 marks combined. 

  Dyck won the honour by obtaining a remarkable 98.07 percent average.

“I was striving towards it. I always wanted to do my best, but I didn’t try to put too much pressure on myself,” Dyck said.

  When she learned she had won the award she has had her eye on since grade nine, she said she, “couldn’t believe it. It had to settle in. I was really happy.”

  When it came to academics, Dyck said she always put her best foot forward because, “I was just always taught, when you do something, you should put all of your effort into it. I like putting effort into everything I do.”

  Her favourite high school classes included biology and the intro to anthropology, psychology, and sociology classes.

  Dyck said having to do schoolwork online for part of her last semester of high school due to COVID-19, definitely posed a challenge in grasping concepts. She said it was certainly a lot easier to go up to a teacher to ask questions and get help in person. She found it harder to understand content online as well as most lessons were pre-recorded, so students couldn’t stop a teacher part way through for help if they were confused.

  At Essex District High School, Dyck enjoyed being a part of Rotary Interact Club. “It was really cool to be in. A lot of times when you donate to organizations, you know it’s helping, but don’t see tangible results. With Rotary Interact, you knew some of the students’ names [who attended the school EDHS built in 2010], and saw the results in real time.”

  She also enjoyed being a part of the planning committee for the Relay for Life event hosted at the local high school last year.

  This fall, Dyck will attend the University of Guelph to study biomedical science. She is undecided if she will pursue a career in health education and promotion, or attend medical school.

  Due to her outstanding academic achievement, Dyck earned the University of Guelph Presidents’ Award, which will grant her $42,000 over the course of four years. This will basically cover her tuition over this span of time. She also earned an entrance scholarship for $3500.

  “It was so helpful. I really wanted to move away for school, which wasn’t an option before the scholarships,” Dyck said of earning the funding.

   Dyck thanked her teachers and guidance counsellors for their help with her success.

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