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EDHS’s Senior Boys’ soccer team looking forward to OFSAA

by Sylene Argent

The Essex District High School Senior Boys’ Soccer team is headed to OFSAA this weekend.

The boys, so far in this years’ soccer season, are undefeated, with ten wins under their belts. They are hoping to extend that streak to the OFSAA level but understand the fierce competition they will be against.

The EDHS Senior Boys’ Soccer team earned a spot in the OFSAA tournament after winning the WECSSAA tournament recently, and the SWOSSAA tournament last Wednesday. This accounted for the first WECSSAA win since 2001 and, to the team’s knowledge, its first SWOSSAA win.

Coaches Nick Nikolakakos and Brian Neave believe part of the team’s success is that it is comprised of many grade 12 athletes, who played high-level club soccer before making the high school team.

Overall, the coaches said, the players are talented, disciplined, and make up a tight-knit group.

“They have to play their game,” Coach Nikolakakos said of the team heading into this weekend’s OFSAA tournament. “They know what they are doing. They know what they have to do. As long as they play their game, they’ll do well in the tournament.” He added making it to OFSAA gives credit to EDHS and its athletes.

“If they play to their capability, the will represent themselves and the area well,” Coach Neave added. “Just going to the tournament will be something they will remember, especially the grade 12s.”

Grade 10 student Tyler Fuerth said he noticed early on in the season his team was solid. As a younger player on a mostly veteran team, he said he learned a lot from the older players.

While Fuerth is excited, but nervous, to compete at the Ontario level this weekend, grade 11 teammate Andrew Mastroianni is psyched. Both players noted the team has to capitalize on scoring opportunities this weekend in order to succeed.

The OFSAA tournament, in which the EDHS team will compete, will take place on Tecumseh-based fields from Thursday to Saturday.


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