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Edua Marczinko looking forward to bringing leadership skills to Youth Council Rep position

by Sylene Argent

Photo submitted

Grade 11 Essex District High School student, Edua Marczinko, is looking forward to adding a young person’s perspective to local municipal matters as the newest Youth Council Rep appointee.

  Marczinko will hold one of two volunteer Youth Council Rep positions, with Ehva Hoffmann holding the other since October of 2016.

  Cameron Soucie, who was officially appointed to one of the two Council Youth Rep positions on March 18, 2019 and resigned in October of 2020, is a good friend of Marczinko. “He told me all about this position and ever since then, I was so interested about it,” she said.

  When Soucie resigned, Council accepted applications from interested applicants, and received four. One name was pulled from a hat to determine the appointee. Marczinko ended up being the lucky appointee.

   “The reason why this [position] appealed to me, is because my grandpa was actually the Police Chief in Hungary, in one of the largest cities there. And, so I got to see him work so closely with the community and I loved that. I thought it was so cool.”

  She added she was inspired to learn Essex had created the Youth Council Rep positions, and was eager to get involved.

  What Marczinko found intriguing about the position, was being able to voice youth concerns at the local municipal decision-making table, in addition to being able to closely work the Council reps and seeing how decisions for the community are made.

  In the past, Marczinko did attend one Council meeting, and found it interesting. “It is a new opportunity,” she said, adding she hopes to, “Speak on the youth issues and interest that I see as a youth myself, and advocate for the next generation in the Essex Municipality.”

  This year has been hard on many, and she would like to see more support for online learning. In addition, she would like to have safety discussions as there is only one crosswalk on Talbot, at the Maidstone Avenue intersection, which is near the high school. “There is nothing else on that street. I see the teenagers at my school just run across the road. Oh my gosh, it hurts to watch,” she said. 

  In thinking about the qualities she can bring to the table, Marczinko said she is a leader in school as a member of several sports teams – such as badminton, soccer, and basketball – and is also part of the Rotary Interact Club. “I love being connected in the school,” she said. 

“I love the aspect of being in a community and, this is just such a unique opportunity, it is one of a kind.” She also wants to enhance her leadership skills through the experience she gains in the position.

  In addition, Marczinko earned the 2018 Proficiency Award for her grade nine yearb at EDHS.

  In looking to participate in her first Council meeting in the near future, Marczinko is a bit nervous, but is also excited. For now, she has a lot to do to prepare to participate in her first meeting.         

  “I am very determined. I always like to do what’s best for people, and working for the youth in Essex will definitely give me that chance,” she noted.


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