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EPS students celebrate winter during annual carnival

by Sylene Argent

Sometimes, the best way to retain information is to have fun while learning. This method tends to provide information to students, who do not even realize they are learning.

  Learning through having fun was the theme recently as the grades one through eight students at Essex Public School participated in the annual Winter Carnival event, which was a miniature version of the large and popular event that takes place in Quebec each year.

  The students at Essex Public School were excited to put away their pens and textbooks to participate in the Winter Carnival, which celebrated French culture and language. This was their final day of school before heading off for March Break.

  The School’s French department hosts this annual, fun event for the students to enjoy and learn from each year.

  During the event, the students were divided into 18 teams and had the chance to visit the nine fun stations setup throughout the school. Each station offered a different fun activity for the students to compete in or enjoy, including obstacle courses, floor hockey, trying their luck at getting as low as they could go at the limbo station, and eating tasty treats in the café.


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