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EPS students host walking/reading fundraiser

by Sylene Argent  

To encourage the love of reading – and getting lost in a world of words – the students at Essex Public School participated in the annual walk and read-a-thon on Friday, which doubled as a way to raise funds for needed equipment.

  Vice Principal Andria St. Germain explained the students enjoy the mix-up in the school schedule to wrap up their week of studies. They also enjoyed listening to special guests from within the community read a couple of captivating stories, and explain just how much fun reading can be and why it is important to bury their noses in a good book.

  Athletes from the Essex 73’s Junior “C” Hockey Club, OPP Community Policing Constable Sarah Werstein, and GECDSB Trustee Julia Burgess were amongst the community members, who read to the students.

  Before settling into their classrooms to hear a great story or two, or buddying-up with a friend to enjoy a book together, the grades two to eight students participated in a walk-a-thon all the way to Sadler’s Park, and the younger students walked down to Stanton Court Park.

  Leading up to the fundraiser, the students collected pledges from neighbours, friends, and family members. The funds will be used to buy educational or sporting equipment the students will need this school year.

  St. Germain said the students raised $16,000 through this fundraiser last year and hoped this year’s efforts would be just as good or better. The students, knowing the funds will provide learning tools or equipment for them, really get excited about the program and work hard to collect as many donations as possible, she noted.  


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