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EPS students learn math can be fun

by Sylene Argent

Math is typically regarded as a difficult and hard-to-understand school subject. Essex Public School students and their families, however, learned just how fun math can be through the school-wide “Love of Math Family Fun Day” event, which was held last Wednesday.

  All of the school’s 620 students, from kindergarteners to grade eight, participated in the event, which offered nine math-orientated stations to visit. The stations included activities such as: playing board games related to math, multiplication, Battleship, movement and numbers, math music, math movement, dice games, and various math-related puzzles.

  The math stations allowed the students and their parents to participate in exciting games, activities, and work towards solving problems. In addition, the math stations allowed for entry points into mathematics that were welcoming.

  “Today is all about math,” Bruno Pallotto, EPS’s Principal, said. “The whole idea, the concept, is to promote the love of math with students, parents, and staff.”

  The students can typically have a negative connotation connected with this school subject, and the event was meant to change that view.

  Pallotto was pleased around 100 of the students’ parents attended the event and participated in the stations with their children.

  Through participating in the event, the students’ parents were able to learn about the math curriculum and what types of activities they can do at home that can help their kids improve their math skills, in a fun way.

  The students were separated into teams to move through the math stations. Each team consisted of grade one through eight students, which Pallotto said allowed the students to collaborate, and the older students to demonstrate leadership.

  “They are having conversations about math. They are having discussions about math. And, they are loving it,” he said.


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