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Erie Shores HealthCare recognizes nurses during awards ceremony

by Sylene Argent

In celebration of Nurses’ Week, Erie Shores HealthCare (Leamington hospital) recognized eight outstanding nurses and two individuals in leaderships roles at the hospital through a Leadership and Excellence Awards ceremony, which was hosted last Thursday afternoon.

  “It is Nurses’ Week, so, we recognized a nurse from each department for celebrating the mission and values of the hospital,” Kristin Kennedy, VP of Patient Services and CNE with Erie Shores Healthcare, said. The values and mission of the hospital are to provide exceptional care, close to home.

  The hospital hosted the awards ceremony to “recognize the work they do each and every day,” she added.

  Some of the nurses were nominated by co-workers for the awards and others were nominated by patients or physicians. Hospital administration selected the two winners of the leadership awards.

  The hospital hosted a recognition program last year, but it was expanded upon this year to build morale and culture at the hospital, Kennedy said. There had been a lot of growth and transition over the past year, she noted, and this was one way the staff could be rewarded for their patience and help.

  “Every day, they come to work and do the best job they can do for patients,” Kennedy said of nurses.

  Erie Shores Healthcare employees Kim Sparks and Sarah Wiebe received the Nursing Leadership Award, which was presented to nurses who exemplified leadership in nursing management, clinical care, projects and/or special initiatives.

  The Nursing Excellence Award was presented to Mandy Johnson, who was nominated by collogues for remaining calm, without any complaints of workload in Ambulatory Care. Her nomination document noted she always works with a smile on her face and has a soft and calming demeanor with all patients.

  The 2 South/ICU award was presented to Erica Cassidy, who was nominated for the award by colleagues. It was said Cassidy loves to jump into any situation; and is also very reliable, helpful, knowledgeable, and is an amazing team player.

A recent patient nominated Amy Harris for the 2 West/OBS award. Her nominator said this nurse went above and beyond in administering care and treated her with respect and dignity, and listened compassionately and calmed fears.

  A colleague nominated Amber Robinet with the 2 North/Rehab award. She was said to be an eager and dedicated RPN, who tries to go above and beyond for her patients. She is also empathetic and dedicated to providing compassionate care.

  Amy Pavao was nominated as the 2 East/Centre award winner. A co-worker nominated her because she is a great team player and makes a profound difference in the lives of all the patients she cares for.

  Marina Coghill was nominated by a colleague for the Emergency Department award. It was said that she kindly shares her excellent knowledge and experience. She also cares for her patients and all patients, as she helps her co-workers.

  Eva Lewis was nominated for the Perioperative Services award for being a top-notch nurse that the patients love.

  Heather Raymond was nominated for the Nurse Practitioner award. Her nominator noted she is skilled at what she does and is always very friendly and approachable to staff and patients and their families.

  Each of the award recipients were presented with a certificate of recognition and a gift certificate.

  Kennedy noted administration at the hospital knew they were doing the right thing with hosting the awards ceremony as some of the recipients did shed a few tears as they received their award.


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