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Essex brothers raise $426 to help animals in need

The Ross brothers, Kale (11) and Quinn (8), hosted a lemonade stand in front of No Frills and the Essex Animal Hospital and Canine Rehab/Fitness Centre on Saturday to raise awareness and funds for the Angel Pet Fund. They also hoped they could help find animals in this group’s care loving, “fur-ever” homes.

by Sylene Argent

Not every animal is born into ideal circumstances, but thanks to the dedication of many caring individuals and organizations, some of those animals receive needed medical care and are connected with a family to call their own.

  On Saturday morning, Essex brothers, Kale (11) and Quinn (8) Ross, hosted a lemonade stand outside of the Essex Animal Hospital and Canine Rehab/Fitness Centre to raise awareness and funds for its Angel Pet Fund. Later in the afternoon, the brothers moved their operation to No Frills.

In connecting with community members through their lemonade stand, the brothers were able to raise an impressive $426 for the Angel Pet Fund.

The brothers explained a situation that they were a part of recently that inspired them to step up and raise money for the Angel Pet Fund.

  A few months ago, Kale and Quinn took notice of a cat in their neighbourhood in need.

  Kale believed the cat has been abandoned as she was very friendly and wanted to go into their house.

  “It was so sad. We felt bad for her,” he said. “She was clearly asking for help.”

  The boys desperately wanted to help the cat, who would be named Lila. Their mother explained that it is not enough to just feed her as she could get pregnant and more cats would then be in need of help. They boys were also afraid Lila would get hurt or even killed living out on the streets on her own.

  In wanting to provide Lila with a bright future, the family called around to find an organization that could help. That is when they came in contact with Essex Animal Hospital and Canine Rehab/Fitness Centre’s Angel Pet Fund.

  “They make crazy things happen,” Kale said of those involved with the organization.

  Through getting Lila some medical help through the program, they learned she was already pregnant and later had four kittens.

  The boys’ aunt ended up adopting Lila, and two of the kittens to date have also found forever homes through the Angel Pet Fund.

  Kale and Quinn hoped their lemonade stand would not only raise funds to help other animals in need, but would also raise awareness about the other animals in the program, including the two remaining kittens from Lila’s litter, still looking for their “fur-ever” homes.


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