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Essex collects 1100lbs more trash than Kingsville during friendly Earth Day clean-up challenge

by Sylene Argent

In celebration of Earth Day, a friendly challenge was placed between the Town of Essex and the Town of Kingsville as to which municipality could pick-up more trash during the annual community clean-up event.

Through the efforts of its many volunteers, Essex came out on top, having collected 3100lbs of garbage from along streets, in parks, and out of gutters. However, the real winner of this challenge is the local environment as – with Kingsville’s contribution of 2000lbs – over 5000lbs of garbage and debris is no longer littering the streets and other public spaces.

Essex Mayor Sherry Bondy thanked everyone who took the time to roll up their sleeves and take part in the clean-up event this year, including members of 3rd Essex scouts who cleaned up earlier in the week and the members of the Cottam, Kingsville, Essex, and Harrow Rotary Clubs who supported the event.

Despite the drizzly weather Saturday morning, the Harrow Rotary Club reported around 80 individuals volunteered throughout Essex to help spruce up local public spaces.

During Essex’s clean-up, residents were urged to head out to meeting spots held throughout the municipality, including in Essex Centre, McGregor, Colchester, and Harrow.

Bondy was impressed with the turnout in all four Wards, and noted everyone’s efforts during the two-hour event made a big difference.

Though it was great to see everyone who came out to participate in the spring clean-up, Bondy noted residents can make a difference any day.

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