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Essex Council notes - Monday, May 17, 2021

by Sylene Argent

RFP for supply and delivery of custom

stock or demo pumper/rescue fire truck awarded

Essex Council awarded the Request for Proposal for the supply and delivery of custom stock or demo pumper/rescue fire truck to Commercial Emergency Equipment Corporation, for $637,282.18, including HST.

  In the Report to Council, it notes in 2017, the Town of Essex contracted Pomax Consulting to develop a five-year Master Fire Plan for Essex Fire & Rescue Services, which noted consideration should be given to a reassignment schedule for fire apparatus.

  As part of the phased approach, Essex Fire is now in the apparatus configuration plan. The Engine 3A (1991 Pumper/Rescue) is being replaced with the proposed pumper/rescue that will be based at Station # 2. The tanker at Station # 2 will be redeployed to Station # 3, once this unit is delivered.

  From the RFPs submitted, Commercial Emergency Equipment Corporation had the highest evaluated score and addressed all areas of the scope as identified, it noted in the Report to Council.

  $639,685.00 was approved for the purchase of one new custom pumper/rescue fire truck in the budget.

 Replacement of additional rubber floors at Essex Arena approved

Council approved the additional budgeted expenditures of $13,931.62 for the expansion of the scope for the replacement of rubber floors in two dressing rooms and the main hall of the Libro Rink at the Essex Centre Sports Complex. The funding will come through the Asset Management Plan Lifecycle Reserve.

  In the Report to Council, it notes that during the 2021 budget deliberations, Council approved rubber flooring be replaced at the Essex Centre Sports Complex, due to deterioration. It is at the end of its lifecycle.

  As part of the project, $66,700 was put in the capital budget.

  The original plan was to replace two dressing rooms and the main hallway of the Libro Rink. It was determined, however, that there would be several different colour tones by only replacing these three areas.

  The Town received two RFP submissions for the project, with the lowest bid from Advantage Sport being $80,631.62. This resulted in the deficit of $13,931.62.

 Shepley Road Maintenance awarded surface treatment works

Council awarded the Request for Tender for surface treatment to Shepley Road Maintenance Limited, in the amount of $621,103.55. Council also approved the additional funding of $7,694.42 above the approved 2021 Capital Budget of $150,000 for a surface treatment project from the Asset Management Lifecycle Reserve.

  The Report to Council continues that in the approved budget, $715,000 was allocated for all the work. The results of the RFT resulted in a surplus of $93,879.23 in the 2021 Capital Roads Budget. Since other roads projects have yet to be tendered, administration recommended the surplus remain unspent to fund any potential overages with other projects.

  The Report to Council notes this maintenance contract is used to conduct repairs on various town roads that will extend their useful life. It added that two tenders were received and reviewed, with Shepley Road Maintenance Limited submitting the lower bid. Norjohn Contracting and Paving Ltd. was the other bidder, which submitted an RFP for $ 675,045.92, including HST.

  Projects include: spray patching; 8th Concession, between Ferriss and County Road 23; 4th Concession, between County Road 23 and McCormick Road; Gore Road, between County Road 13 and Wright Road; Old Malden Road, between Concession 14 and Concession 12; and a surface treatment project.

 RFT for Concrete Sidewalk awarded to Windsor Concrete and Construction Ltd.

Council awarded the Request for Tender for Concrete Sidewalk Construction 2021 to Windsor Concrete and Construction Ltd., in the amount of $217,434.66. Council also authorized the additional expense of $6,003.30 for paved shoulders on the 3rd Concession Road, between Grant Street and Queen Street, to be funded from the Trails Reserve, and that the additional expense of $4,721.44, for General Sidewalk Maintenance, be funded from the Asset Management Lifecycle Reserve.

  Five Tenders were received and reviewed for the work. Windsor Concrete and Construction Limited submitted the lowest bid.

  $243,514.00 was allocated in the budget for the work. The Request for Tender result of $217,434.66 is within budgeted funds, the Report to Council notes.

  Work includes: 3rd Concession Road, paved Shoulders between Grant Street and Queen Street; general sidewalk maintenance; Colchester Cemetery parking lot; Colchester Park; Sadler’s Park hard surface trails; Hunter Park’s hard surface trails.

OCWA appointed to $1M Harrow Lagoon sludge removal project

Council appointed the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to provide engineering, operational, and contract administration services to design, procure, and administer the Harrow Lagoon’s sludge removal project, in the amount of $1,000,000.

  In the report to Council, it notes Cell Number 2 in the Harrow Lagoon currently has an excess of sludge.

  OCWA has been the sole operating authority for all Town of Essex sewage and water treatment facilities since its inception as a Crown agency in the Province of Ontario, over 20-years ago.

  The Report to Council adds that $1,000,000 was approved for the project, which is sufficient to cover the cost. OCWA’s fee is $83,574.47. To remove the sludge will cost $916,425.53.

  Director of Infrastructure Services, Kevin Girard, said such a project typically takes place every 20 to 25 years.

Development in April 2021 up 35.5 percent compared to April 2020

Council received the development overview, which noted there was $7,494,035 in total construction value for April 2021, including all new and expanding commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential developments that required a building permit.

  This is up 35.5 percent from April 2020.

  The Report to Council highlights that the average sale price in April 2021 was $441,068 in Wards 1 and 2, and $564,416 in Wards 3 and 4, which was up significantly from the previous year. The average sale price in April 2020 was $380,383 in Wards 1 and 2 and $321,743 in Wards 3 and 4.

Amherstburg-McGregor downspout disconnections supported

Council directed Administration to develop a by-law specific to the community of McGregor to support the mandatory downspout disconnection program the Town of Amherstburg proposed.

  In the Report to Council, it notes the frequency of significant rain events has increased tremendously in recent years, which has caused major flooding in the Town of Essex and triggered the need for increased studies and capital spending.

  In the Report to Council, it adds that during significant rain events, downspouts that are connected directly to the municipal sewer systems introduce large volumes of water into storm sewers that are not designed to handle them, so residents are encouraged to disconnect their downspouts from their sewer connections.

  The Town of Amherstburg passed a by-law to impose mandatory downspout disconnections in designated areas within Amherstburg, including McGregor, last September.

  McGregor is partially situated in both the Towns of Essex and Amherstburg. The Town of Amherstburg has requested that Essex Council participate in its mandatory downspout disconnection program within the community of McGregor, the Report to Council notes.

  The proposed disconnection program would evaluate each property on a case-by-case basis.

Not every downspout will be able to be disconnected, it notes in the Report to Council. There is no additional cost to the Town of Essex for this initiative as the cost for administration and to physically disconnect downspouts will be handled by the Town of Amherstburg.

Council enters agreement with Grove Bike Co. to lease space at Colchester Park

Council approved entering into an agreement with The Grove Bike Co. for leased space within Colchester Park. This will be for three-years, commencing on May 20, 2021 and concluding on April 30, 2024. There will be an option to renew for an additional two-years.

  In addition, Council also passed the associated bylaw.

  In the Report to Council, it notes the Town of Essex had a partnership with Farm Dog Cycle to offer bike rentals at the Colchester Harbour for the past three-years. In the spring of 2021, the Town was notified that Farm Dog Cycle would not continue to offer this service.

  Administration issued a Request for Interest on April 16, for any interested parties who may wish to offer a bike rental service in the Colchester Park area.

The Town received one proposal, which was from The Grove Bike Co. 

  The lease will require the tenant pay an annual rate of $903.96, including harmonized sales tax.

Accessibility Week proclaimed in Essex

Essex Council proclaimed May 30 to June 5, 2021 to be National Accessibility Week.

  In the correspondence to Council, it notes this is an opportunity to celebrate the valuable contributions of Canadians with disabilities, and to recognize the efforts of individuals, communities, and work places, that are actively working to remove barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

Nominations for Senior of the Year being accepted

Council received correspondence from the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, which invited Council to forward a nomination for the 2021 Senior of the Year Award to be submitted.

  The nomination deadline has been extended to May 31, 2021.

  Council will push the message, hoping members of the community will forward candidates.

 NoM: Council approved public education on

the of dangers grass clippings on the road

At the May 3 meeting, Councillor Sherry Bondy put forward a Notice of Motion, for consideration at the May 17 meeting, that the Town of Essex host a public education campaign in print and social media, regarding the dangers of blowing cut grass onto the road.

  The campaign will take place each spring, so the Town of Essex can educate individuals on the impact grass on the road can have on cyclists and motorists.

  Council supported the motion.

 Colchester Beach closed

Councillor Steve Bjorkman noted Colchester Beach, in addition to all area beaches, are currently closed to prevent people from gathering. It is a provincial order.

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