Essex Council setting high goals for the New Year

by Julianna Bonnett

With the New Year in full swing, Council members for the Town of Essex are looking forward to making 2020 another successful year for Essex.

  Looking ahead into 2020, Essex Council members are expecting to see many changes for the Town, including long overdue projects being worked on and finally completed.

  Ward 4 Councillor, Sherry Bondy, explained that in 2019, Council and administration developed a strategic plan.

  “I believe we need to continue to make it easier for development to come to Essex and work on marketing Essex as open for business,” Bondy said. “Development in Harrow has been slow to start and we need to continue to reach out to developers to get projects off the ground successfully.”

  Bondy added that she believes Council should push to fix the tightening of the election bylaws.

  “One priority Council should push to see fixed in 2020 is the tightening of our election bylaws to make sure all elections going forward in the Town of Essex are fair for all candidates.”

  Ward 3 Councillor, Chris Vander Doelen, said he believes 2020 is going to be a good year for Essex, if everything stays on schedule.

  “We are going to be getting a good amount of things done this year,” Vander Doelen said. “We are going to be doing a bunch of roads and fixing them up.” he said.

  Doelen explained that they also have many town homes approved to be built in 2020.

  With many things happening for Essex in 2020, the community can expect to see plenty of Town developments and changes in the new year.