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Essex filmmaker releases “Fireflies” to create light in a time of darkness

- the new video addresses fears and feelings of isolation during pandemic -

by Sylene Argent With many people feeling isolated and experiencing new fears due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Essex filmmaker, Matthew Luppino, quickly planned, shot, and produced his newest film “Fireflies,” which he hopes will bring light to the lives of those who may feel like they are living in a time of darkness.   The six-minute film “Fireflies” was released last Saturday evening, just in time to coincide with Mental Health Week.   “I just figured it is the perfect film for everyone around the world who is currently feeling the same way,” Luppino said. The short film was shot with his fiancé, Laura Holman, in their backyard in Essex six-days before it was released. “I think we are all feeling the same things during an unprecedented time.”   In creating the film, Luppino said, “I was trying to find a positive message. I was trying to find a way to connect people.”   Fear, he said, is a big theme in the video. Currently, some people may be afraid of the virus and what the new normal may look like. Though there are reasons out there that may create fear, Luppino wanted to share the message of living one’s life and controlling those fears.   “Be a light for everyone around you to be inspired by,” he urged.   The film opens up with Luppino saying, “I always thought of myself as a firefly. That I am this bright light to all the darkness around me. When something bad happens to us, what is it that defines us?”   He goes on to say, “Even though our world is more disconnected than we have ever been in history, we are still together. We are all in the darkness fearing the unknown, fearing death and suffering. Fearing everything we love, mourning those we’ve lost, and missing the people we love. The world, and everything in it, is in complete chaos. But, isn’t that the beauty? All great change is preceded by chaos.   “Sometimes life can be so intimidating, and you can feel so small, even lost in this great, big world. But even on the darkest of nights, there are still stars shining their lights down on us. Everything we want is on the other side of fear.”       The ‘firefly’ idea was something Luppino had tossed around in his head for the past few years. “They light up. We can make a difference,” he said. He thought this idea would be suited well for the current pandemic as “the nation and world has never been so dark,” he said. “I think people can relate to it.”   Feedback Luppino has received to date is that “Fireflies” is his best film yet. “It is hitting home for a lot of people.”   “Fireflies” was released hot of the heals of Luppino’s successful nine-minute and 13 second PSA “H.O.P.E.-Hold. On. Pain. Ends” – which won four international awards and was released to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day.   For more information about the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week, log onto “Fireflies,” and Luppino’s other films, can be found on his website

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