Essex native to tour with “We Will Rock You”

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Photo credit: Callum Gunn

by Sylene Argent

Nearing the end of the month, Essex’s Sean Sennett will depart to Calgary to start rehearsals as part of the ensemble, and lead role understudy, for the hit musical, “We Will Rock You.” 

  The popular stage show features music of legendary British-based rock band, “Queen.”  

  This particular North American tour will take the stage in many different cities for 22 weeks, including a stop at Caesars Windsor for three shows on November 29 and 30 and a performance in New York City on his birthday.

  “It’ll be hard, but exciting,” Sennett said of the opportunity. “There will be new places [to perform] every single day and I will have a new family; theatre people are the best.”

  Sennett said he is “looking for to it. I just get to do what I love to do.” 

Sennett recently graduated from the University of Windsor and received two diplomas; one in communications and the other is his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Acting.

  Just a few days after officially receiving his diploma, the former Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School and Essex District High School student received a contract to be the understudy for the lead role and part of the ensemble for the “We Will Rock You” tour.

  Sennett commented this is an exciting time to be involved with this particular musical as the Freddie Mercury biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released just last November. “There’s no better time to see the show,” he said.

  “[Queen’s] music tells a story, which is so perfect for a show,” he commented.    

  The story line of the production is very relevant to today’s society, he said explaining that in the play, a global technological company is taking over, but is losing touch with humanity. In a post-apocalyptic world, two outcasts try to save rock ‘n roll.

  There are few major reasons why Sennett is excited to embark on this play. Firstly, he is grateful to have the opportunity right out of university. He is also excited to be involved with this particular play because he has been a Queen fan since he was a youngster. He shared that his dad introduced him to the band when he was around eight-years-old.

  Sennett thanked his family for the support, including his Aunt Linda for taking him to his first musical, which was “West Side Story,” where he fell in love with the art form. He also thanked his Aunt Connie for driving him to his first musical audition. He added his mom and dad, and step parents, have always been supportive. He also said every performance he puts on is dedicated to his grandmother, Margaret, who passed away in January and is his guiding light.

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